Class of 2018 Senior Gift

83% of 250 Donor goal
This campaign ended on April 13, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Ohio Wesleyan University by clicking here!

The Senior Class Gift is the opportunity for seniors to join generations of Bishops in showing their appreciation for their OWU experience through a gift to the OWU Fund. Our goal is to have 250 Seniors give to reach 68% class participation! 

The OWU Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. With 99.3% of OWU students receiving scholarships and financial aid, it is very important we continue the tradition of philanthropy to ensure that future students receive the same experience we did. 

While our senior year will be filled with many “lasts,” this is a time to come together and celebrate our senior year. We hope that you will reflect on your own OWU experience and remember the professors, friendships, and moments that made an impact on you. Your contribution to the 2018 Class Gift is just one of the many ways to celebrate your final days at OWU.

Your gift will also count towards the 2nd Annual Cash Before the Clash challenge against Denison. OWU Seniors and Denison Seniors are competing to see which school can reach the highest Senior Class Gift participation before the OWU vs. Denison Lacrosse game on April 15. We will announce the winner and award the trophy during halftime. Help OWU beat Denison for the 2nd year in a row!

In the words of Evan Corns '59, "It's a great day to be a Bishop!"

Thank you for your gifts!

Aaron B. Carroll

Abdulhasib A. Akinlabi

Abigail D. Kolczun

Abigail E. Connell

Abigale M. Lyon

Adira M. Jarman

Adriana P. Rodriguez

Adrienne P. D'Alewyn

Alaina D. Cannon

Alanna C. Easley

Alanna D. Henderson

Alexander D. Weiss

Alexander M. Lutz

Alexander P. Pacilio

Alexandra M. Medina

Alexia J. Minton

Allison T. Greeley

Allyson R. Wojnoski

Amanda M. Clay

Amy E. Peters

Andrew M. Willard

Anna C. Massara

Anna N. Haley

Anne M. Roth

Ashley A. Rehm

Ashley B. Day

Audrey I. Castaneda Walker

Bailee N. Bonanno

Benjamin Z. Rubel

Bradford B. Marcotte

Bradley T. Brodek

Breanna C. Riggle

Brenda N. Dressel

Brett M. Bowersox

Brian M. Jordan

Brianna La Croix

Brooke A. Butterworth

Brooke L. Zinader

Caitlin A. Maggio

Cara L. Harris

Carl T. Olsen

Cassandra L. Call

Cassandra P. Oberle

Catharine L. Boyle

Catherine E. Kocian

Catherine S. Katrenich

Caylah N. Johnson

Charles A. Kottler

Charles F. Lennon

Cheyenne M. Hanson

Chloe E. Dyer

Chloe N. Holmes

Christiana M. Migliacci

Christina E. Hunter

Christopher D. Grissom

Clara K. Ellis

Colin J. Stolly

Colleen P. Chernowsky

Connor E. Glasgow

Corrine A. Race

Cory A. Kinder

Courtney Carmichael

Cuckoo Gupta

Dagny O. Tracy

Daniel A. Niswonger

Daniel K. Haygood

Daniel L. Holburt

David M. Herbawi

David Robinett

Derek K. Bacchiochi

Dexter C. Adams

Dominique T. Garrett

Drew C. Singleton

Elizabeth E. Sizer

Elizabeth H. Hardaway

Elizabeth M. Sommerdorf

Ellen L. Falko

Ellen R. Benak

Elliot M. Garwood

Emily A. Rupp

Emily Blaner

Emily C. Burns

Emily E. Brown

Emma G. Stilgenbauer

Emma N. Sampson

Erin Kelley

Erin L. Ferguson

Evan N. Guein

Evelynn Wyatt

Francesca M. Socki

Gary C. Cahill

Gillian C. Jacobi

Gopika R. Nair

Grace S. Fitzgerald

Graham Cote

Griffin P. Peyton

Guillermo J. Gutierrez

Hailey LaRoe

Howard L. Jones

Hunter J. Baker

Ibtahaj Mughal

Iris A. Anderson

Isabel A. Cherry

Ivana C. Mostofi

Jackson A. Boger

Jacob E. Volbers

Jacqueline A. Feliciano

Jacquelynn R. Everetts

Jake D. Chernoff

James C. Morgan

Jannat Mazari

Jason B. Perry

Jenna M. Chambers

Jeremy P. Brown

Jiamo Zhang

Joelle H. Trubowitz

Johannes J. Van Der Merwe

John A. Beeghly

John C. Haskins

Jordan A. Brown

Jordan Larkin

Jordan M. Waterwash

Justin R. Smith

Kari L. Seymour

Karis R. Lowrie

Katherine L. Beard

Katherine M. Abbott

Katie L. Miller

Kayla M. Richard

Kayleigh S. Zander

Keisha W. Cummings

Kelly A. Newell

Kevin A. Zullo

Kevin Alkins

Konstance N. Sumlin

Kristen E. Nooney

Kristie N. Kinberg

Laura C. Lemanski

Laura E. Benson

Lauren Heaney

LeeAnn Celapino

Lucas Gould

Lucie M. Olson

Luke L. Tompkins

Luke R. Leyden

Lydia A. Cleaver-Bartholomew

Lydia M. Warner

Madeleine G. Juszynski

Madeline R. Bonfield

Madison A. Farmer

Madison N. Barrett

Maha S. Shahid

Matthew A. Pheneger

Meaghan J. Teitelman

Michael S. Blatchford

Nathan D. Axelrod

Nia J. Stanford

Nicholas P. Turner

Nicholas R. Horton

Nicole C. Gorka

Nicole D. Rozsa

Nicolette K. Riestenberg

Paige A. Haenig

Pan Niyomthai

Patrick M. Alcofra

Patrick M. Faley

Patrick M. Puracchio

Paul I. Heithaus

Payton C. Mitchell

Peter M. Hamblett

Phoebe C. Bush

Rachel E. Ballitch

Rachel Scherrer

Rachel Z. Rosenthal

Rachell J. Resnik

Rebecca B. Hope

Rebecca K. Penrod

Rene A. Garcia

Robert F. Gossett

Ronald W. Gwinn

Ryan O. Black

Samuel I. Van Dyke

Sarah A. Watt

Sarah E. Buggy

Sarah E. Hanes

Sarah E. Kohn

Sarah H. Kennedy

Sarah M. Bergman

Sarah R. Foster

Scott N. Harmanis

Sean A. McCartt

Shelby B. Mackey

Shelby L. Quade

Shelby R. Ksiazek

Sophia M. Bien

Thomas J. Galamba

Trevor A. Ray

Troy E. Jones

William H. Orr

Wit Phoonsiri

Zachary D. Miller

Zachary J. Shahrokhi

Zoe E. Sares


2059 days ago by Raeceen Dukehart
Class of 2018 Sunglasses

Today is your last chance to get Class of 2018 sunglasses and help us BEAT DENISON in Cash Before the Clash! OWU challenged Denison to see which Senior Class can have the highest participation in giving - and the trophy we won last year is on the line!

If you give a gift of ANY SIZE (seriously, $1 is cool) you will help us BEAT DENISON and be eligible to receive a pair of Class of 2018 sunglasses, which we will pass out tomorrow at noon on the JAYwalk!

You will also be listed in the donor section of the Commencement Program and we all know how proud your family will be to see your name there!

Thank you for giving back and supporting the next class of OWU students!

2059 days ago by Raeceen Dukehart

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