Bishops for Winter Sports

This campaign ended on April 23, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Ohio Wesleyan University by clicking here!

Bishops for Bishops

Honor Battling Bishops of today and tomorrow with your gift to Team OWU.

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Bishops for Bishops
Bishops for Winter Sports
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557 Student-Athletes. 105 Seniors. One Team.

When everything else in the world seems uncertain, there is one thing we know will never change: Battling Bishops never give up. Ohio Wesleyan athletics ended abruptly this year due to COVID-19, and student-athletes suddenly shifted from the pounding heartbeat of competition to the sinking heart of a season gone.

When competition ended, Ohio Wesleyan Athletics was in third place for the NCAC All-Sports Trophy, with the strong spring season still ahead. Even with the disappointment of a season unfinished, OWU’s student-athletes are rising to every new challenge that comes their way, from leaving friends and teammates behind to moving back home and navigating remote learning. We invite you to honor their commitment by making sure OWU Athletics has the resources to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s environment. 

A gift to Team OWU - Athletics helps support Battling Bishops Athletics’ greatest needs, including:

  • Uniforms and equipment for all 25 NCAA Division III Varsity sports;
  • Maintenance of fields, courts, pools, and equipment—expenses that persist even in the absence of competition;
  • Travel expenses for the regular season, tournaments, and player recruitment;
  • And much more.

Your gift of any amount will support Battling Bishop student-athletes today and tomorrow, but we invite you to consider a gift of:

  • $105 - In honor of 105 senior athletes
  • $55.70 - In honor of all 557 Battling Bishops student-athletes
  • $20.20 - In honor of a single athlete for the 2019-20 season

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to our campus community, but we know this won’t last forever. We need your support to prepare all 25 Battling Bishops teams to return to competitive excellence this fall. You can also help support OWU’s Basketball, Swimming & Diving, and Wrestling student-athletes by sharing this campaign with your network or leaving an encouraging message on our Ohio Wesleyan University Sports page. Be sure to use the hashtag #Bishops4Bishops.

Bishops for Bishops means we are one team and always will be. Team OWU.

If you'd like to help spread the word about Bishops for Bishops with your Bishop network, please visit our virtual “Fan Section” in the Advocacy Dashboard for tools to help. Go Bishops!



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