Undocumented Student Scholarship Fund

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

The class of 2019 has chosen the Undocumented Student Scholarship Fund as the primary designation for their Senior Class Gift! Join us in supporting the fund to help undocumented students today!

Currently, undocumented students navigate unique hurdles in their higher-ed journey. In particular, the presence of these students on campus is widely unknown. This lack of awareness leaves undocumented students in a hostile campus environment where they are constantly confronted by dehumanizing language while simultaneously used as a means for political advancement. An underlying problem these students face is the daily anxiety and stress due to their immigration status. The fear of deportation for themselves and their families is hindering; the collective feeling of unsafety bars students from disclosing their status and furthermore amplifies the challenge to access or ask for resources from campus departments, offices, and organizations. Even when disclosure occurs, the ability to receive help is still arduous and long. Often offices need to develop an approach and a unique solution to the student’s problem while the student is still in need of that resource or answer. Similarly, advisors do not always have the training or background on current immigration issues and policies to adequately give advising and counseling. Adjacent to this issue is the absence of accessible support spaces and mentors to foster a network of resilience, assistance, and advocacy. How to guide these students towards successful academic completion, legal assistance opportunities, and a fulfilling career path are fundamental questions that need to be answered at an institutional level.

We cannot afford to omit issues of immigration in our efforts to create a liberating campus climate for historically disenfranchised students, particularly for undocumented students who sit at various intersections of identity. Given the uncertainty that undocumented students encounter when navigating our country’s unpredictable immigration system, it is critical that Oberlin College voices unfaltering support. This support must be grounded in advocacy and allyship that responds to the evolving needs of undocumented students

You can find more info relating to Oberlin College and undocumented student services here:

Undocumented/DACA Resources

DACA Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

President Ambar's Letter in Support of Undocumented Students

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