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Purpose: Our purpose in participating in this Crowdfunding campaign is to attain financial support to expand our resources for better student legislative education, to have the ability to visit Senators and Representatives at their local offices and in Tallahassee, and to create pharmacist outreach events to promote advocacy and further advance our profession.

Goal: Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 so that the Legislative Task Force can have the financial support it requires to reach more student pharmacists and licensed pharmacists about the importance of advocacy for our profession and setting up meetings with legislators locally and at the state capitol.

Brief Background: The Legislative Task Force is a group of motivated pharmacy students and faculty who are dedicated to advocating for pharmacy policy and legislation. Our task force members are thoroughly trained and made aware of current and possible future pharmacy-related issues and/or advancements. Our task force has highly trained staff and seasoned student leaders who mentor and educate their members on how to properly read and interpret bills. As well as how to address state legislators and discuss sensitive legislative topics with efficacy and professional decorum. Over the years, our leaders have devoted themselves to serving our community and expanding our profession by attending Legislative Days in Tallahassee and attending local meetings with state legislators to discuss relevant policies affecting our practice. Through this process, the task force has been able to develop pharmacists of the future that are passionate about making positive changes in their profession.


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