NSU Fort Myers Campus Medical Outreach Initiative

This campaign ended on April 25, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Nova Southeastern University by clicking here!

NSU Fort Myers Campus in collaboration with other institutions organize each year an event for our undeserved neighbors in Immokalee.  This year, Collier County generously extended their one year agreement of a donation of $1,000 and has given us that donation for the past three years.  With the uncertainty of next year’s donations, fundraising for Project S.E.E.D. is crucial for next year’s success. The Tenth Annual Project S.E.E.D. needs your help!  We will be using your donations towards health screening tests for members of the Immokalee community including a mammogram screening bus, dental screening bus, and various supplies including sunscreen samples, protective gloves, hats and glasses as well as supplies for the stations listed below.

Last year’s Project S.E.E.D. contributions included protective gloves and protective glasses donations, blood pressure and glucose testing, nutrition booth, sports equipment donations, children’s activities, dental hygiene, mosquito awareness, HIV screenings, skin cancer screening with samples and bike donations. The bike donations are important because it is the primary mode of transportation for many of the residents of Immokalee.  This past year we were able to give away a few computers from NSU as well.  We appreciate any and all donations that you can contribute. 

Thank you for helping make our Tenth Annual Project S.E.E.D. a success!

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