Help NSU Rowing Dominate The Competition

This campaign ended on November 02, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Nova Southeastern University by clicking here!

The NSU Rowing team strives to be the best team all around in the US.  This team expects more out of their own efforts and they put in the work to be crazy competitive.  They want to live out the dreams and expectations of those who came before them and started this program.  They want to bring prestige to the university, the program and themselves.  Getting a new boat is just one more representation of that and who NSU rowing is as a program.

A new 4+ person hull is critical to our success as a program because:

  1. Updating the fleet allows us to put our top rowers in a new boat and give us a mental and mechanical bonus vs. competitors.
  2. Keeping our fleet up to date limits injuries and improves comfort of our current rowers.
  3. The newer the equipment the less repair time for coaches and the more hands on coaching the student-athletes receive.
  4. It shows recruits that there is great university support for the rowing program.
  5. Proves that there is a larger support network that these student-athletes are a part of.



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