Global Travel Exploration & International Student Scholarships

This campaign ended on March 31, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Nova Southeastern University by clicking here!

As Razor’s Edge Global scholars, our responsibility is to promote cultural engagement, diversity, and leadership. Our global citizenship motivates us to take our mission one step further and provide scholarships to those who are interested in immersing themselves in other cultures. We believe that globalization is important in order to broaden our cultural horizons and thus want to boost the capability for a more diversified NSU Florida community.

The Travel Exploration Scholarship is designed for the NSU community to have the opportunity to gain a greater cultural understanding through studying abroad. Being knowledgeable about other cultures can expand our global mindset but by traveling to these other countries or regions of the world, students will have the ability to truly integrate themselves into foreign environments with hands-on experience. By implementing a scholarship for students to do so, we can provide financial support for those who may have not had the ability to study abroad previously.

The International Student Scholarship is dedicated to diversity on campus by providing current international students with scholarships to continue their studies at NSU Florida. Our entire campus community benefits when international students choose NSU.  NSU’s international students contribute diverse perspectives inside and outside of the classroom, creating opportunities for cultural exchange, cross-cultural understanding, empathy, curiosity and respect.  By thinking globally and acting locally, this scholarship provides support for international students who may experience unexpected financial hardships during their time at NSU.


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