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Nova Southeastern University’s Charismatic Megafauna and Oceanography Laboratory (CMOL) is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of marine and freshwater ecosystems. Our research, conducted by full-time scientists, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, spans from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Our focus includes habitats in Alaska, Antarctica, the Caribbean/Florida, the Hawaiian Islands, and Peru. We study ocean energy transfer through food web dynamics and contaminants that affect the organisms utilizing these habitats. Our research encompasses organisms ranging from the smallest zooplankton in the ocean to the largest whales on the planet. Some of our target species include the Florida manatee, Hawaiian monk seal, northern fur seal, bowhead whale, sea otter, and Humboldt penguin. 

Your contribution supports the collaborative and multidisciplinary work we do to conserve and protect these environments and their inhabitants. We strive to use our research to broaden public awareness of the factors impacting these incredible habitats and the animals that call them home. 

Together, we can make a difference. With your donation, you are embarking on a lifelong journey with us as ocean ambassadors. Our blue planet needs all hands-on deck, and we are excited to welcome you aboard.


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