Notre Dame Call to Action

This campaign ended on May 27, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Notre Dame High School (NJ) by clicking here!

As we approach the end of the 2019/20 school year, and my first year as President, I continue to be inspired by the collective resiliency and compassion of our students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni and friends of Notre Dame. Particularly during this very difficult time, I am reminded that we are first and foremost a family that supports each other and while I recognize this is a challenging time, I have heard from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends who want to help support ND.

Today I am announcing our final Call to Action of the school year and in support of our annual appeal, The Fund for Notre Dame. For the next 5 days, and until May 26, we are asking our community to rally around the two specific areas of funding we believe are critical to our success as we close the school year.They are as follows:

                              The Jean McGraw Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund

                                                 This fund was established and named to honor retired faculty member Jean McGraw.

                         Funds will support families who have experienced a sudden financial hardship

                                                               Academic Technology

                          Funds will support and further develop alternate teaching and learning platforms.

The Notre Dame community has a rich history of rising to meet challenges. Today, we ask you to help sustain our wonderful school with a gift to the Fund for Notre Dame. Our mission to educate, inspire and shape growing minds remains unchanged, and your support helps ensure that our students continue to benefit from a Notre Dame education that equips them to lead, contribute to their communities, and to make a difference in our world. 

COVID-19 has impacted our community in unprecedented ways; our thoughts are with each and every one of you. Please be assured of our prayers, and we ask that you keep the Notre Dame community in your prayers as well. 


Ken Jennings


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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1961 1$1000.2%
1965 1$500.1%
1967 2$1050.2%
1969 1$1000.2%
1970 3$1,1002.2%
1972 2$1,0002.0%
1975 1$1000.2%
1976 1$250.1%
1983 3$1,4002.8%
1985 1$1000.2%
1986 1$500.1%
1987 6$7501.5%
1989 3$2,5505.1%
1990 1$1000.2%
1991 1$500.1%
1992 3$2,0004.0%
1994 1$500.1%
1996 5$4751.0%
2002 1$1000.2%
2003 2$2000.4%
2006 1$2000.4%
2007 1$300.1%
2008 1$500.1%
2009 2$3500.7%
2010 2$5501.1%
2011 1$500.1%
2012 2$1500.3%
2013 2$650.1%
2015 2$2700.5%
2016 2$1500.3%
2017 1$5001.0%
2019 3$1750.4%
2020 11$4,4308.9%
2021 17$3,9507.9%
2022 8$2,3504.7%
2023 12$1,3752.8%
2024 9$2,1254.3%

Designation Leaderboard

Tuition Assistance- The Jean McGraw Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund 114$20,94041.9%
Academic Technology 42$9,02018.0%

Donor affiliations

34% Alumni

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4% Students

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43% Parents

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17% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Molly Ehret
Karen Colter
Brenda Riley, Karen Henkel
Joseph Abbondandolo
Susan Anne Magosin
Joseph J. Pecora III
Janet C Hughes
Colleen Herbert
Mark Laccetti
Darin Artman
Caroline Berdzik
Joe Maruca
Nick Maruca
Kristen Peterson
John Chepega & Lisa Chepega
Mary Anne Mahin
Richard Roche
Lori Monaco & Ken Monaco
Greg DiRusso & Roseann DiRusso
Deborah Jaeger
Lizanne Holland
Floyd Genicola
christine olenchalk
Sean Salins
TLC Okamura
EmmaLee Italia & John Italia
Margaret L. Kelly
Mary C Smith
Melanie A. Tysowski
Mary Joan Maruca & Joseph D. Maruca
Peggy Wroblewski
Cara Nally
Arthur Thibault
Eugene Bacich
Kristin G Fless
mary ellen lencovich & Tom
Kathleen Marshall

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