1976 45th Reunion

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Celebrate Giving Day with the Class of 1976 

LIVE on Thursday at 6PM on the Giving Day Page

 Don't miss our class discussion featuring Charlie Neudorfer, Dave Kiser, Tom Wilsdon, and Rich Prevost, along with current student and scholarship recipient, David McQuillian '22

Your gift to our reunion campaign will help us reach our $450,000 reunion goal and will count toward Norwich's overall giving day 500-donor goal. 

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All gifts will be recognized in a new initiative we are calling 'Class of 2021, We've got your back.' Your name will be printed with a short congratulatory note for students to see during the graduation ceremony.  Your gift will remind the Class of 2021 that the Norwich Family has their back, even when we cannot celebrate their accomplishments in person.  Unless you choose to remain anonymous, you will be recognized automatically. 

A Message from the Class of 1976 Reunion Committee 

Our committee has set an ambitious goal to raise $450,000 from at least 100 classmates in honor of our reunion.  

Increasing the affordability of a Norwich education is a top priority for the university, especially given the fact that many Norwich students and their families have been adversely affected by the global pandemic.  That is why we have set out to establish Class of 1976 Scholarship Fund in honor of our 45th reunion.  

To make the scholarship a reality, we will need to raise at least $50,000 earmarked toward the scholarship. 

Will you join us and make a five-year commitment to the Class of 1976 Scholarship?

If you are able, please make a gift of $1,000 a year (or $84/month) for total commitment of $5,000 over five years.  Your total commitment will count toward our fundraising totals and be included in the check we present on the field during the alumni parade.  

This reunion is an important one for our class because it is the lead up to the 50th when we will join the Old Guard.  Norwich University relies on the Old Guard to keep our traditions strong.  With your help, the legacy of the class of 1976 will live up to those who have come before us. 

We have all made our reunion gifts.  Please join us and help make the Class of 1976 Scholarship a reality. 

BJ Winans - Class Agent

1976 Reunion Committee: Ernie Banks, Vince Guida, Dave Kiser, Matt McCarthy,  Richard Prevost, Jim Westberg, Dave Whaley, Tom Wilsdon, Charlie Neudorfer


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