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Your gift today supports NVU-Lyndon's 150 student-athletes participating in 
15 varsity athletic programs. 

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  • coaching
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Support Your Sport!
You can choose to support the team of your choice or the Hornet Club, our general athletics program.

The Lyndon Hornets athletics program makes an impact on and off the field or court. Exceptional coaching, early morning practices, and late night study sessions build our athletes' confidence and create a sense of comradery - setting themselves up for success in their careers beyond NVU. 

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#OnceaHornetAlwaysaHornet Scoreboard

Support forDonorsDollars%
Men's Lacrosse-Lyndon 61$2,81140.7%
Men's Soccer-Lyndon 42$1,32428.0%
Baseball- Lyndon 24$1,23016.0%
Men's Basketball-Lyndon 23$1,07515.3%
Women's Soccer - Lyndon 22$92514.7%
Hornet Club - Lyndon Athletics 15$73010.0%
Women's Basketball-Lyndon 11$3007.3%
Women's Tennis - Lyndon 10$4356.7%
Cross Country (M/W)-Lyndon 8$5505.3%
Softball - Lyndon 8$2855.3%
Men's Track and Field - Lyndon 6$2754.0%
Men's Tennis - Lyndon 6$2304.0%
Women's Volleyball-Lyndon 3$802.0%
Women's Lacrosse - Lyndon 2$601.3%
Women's Track and Field - Lyndon 2$2251.3%

US Heat Map

Donor affiliations

12% Alumni

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4% Students

Show Students

22% Parents

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8% Faculty/Staff

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36% Friends

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Donor list

Craig Smith
Nicholas A Bonaventura & Gino Bonaventura
Jennifer K Harris
Kerin Hoffman
C. Topshe, Conor Brennan's Uncle
Bridget Trottier & Rick Trottier
Kristopher M Utton
Amy Townsend
Gina Lopresti
Gail Davis
Paul Samuel
Heather Samuel
John W . Somero & Anne
Paul Willridge
Maureen Bell, Conor Brennan's aunt
John Valentine
Andrea Kershaw
Lee Topshe, Conor's grandmother
leslie brennan
GIacinta Bonaventura
Patrick Wickstrom
Cheryl fee
Becky Gardner
Darcy--Let's see that Green HAIR!
Brian Michaud photoBrian Michaud
Dick Ashton & Laura Ashton
David Gardyne
Tenika A Bruleigh
Nicki Bruleigh
Laura Laramee
Meredith Lemen
Brooke Townsend
Diana l Holden
Marc A Meunier
Francisco Santiago
Mark Lemen
Silke Harris & Raymond Harris

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Starting 11/13, bring in 10 more donors as an advocate, and we'll thank you with a Hornet water bottle. We have a limited amount, so be the first to claim yours!


Every donor giving $25 or more will receive a NVU-Lyndon Hornets decal.