2019 NC Senior Class Gift

This campaign ends on July 1 at 12:59AM EDT


The 2019 Senior Class Gift Campaign is a chance for you to say thank you to a faculty member, coach, or mentor by supporting North Central. The “Senior Gift” is the sum of all the gifts made by you and your family and friends. We announce the total at Commencement in June! YOUR donation can IMPACT a student organization, athletic program, academic department and/or fine arts initiative that has helped shape your experience at North Central!

The Senior Class Gift Committee, made up of your classmates have set a goal of 65% of the senior class making a gift — no matter the amount — in support of North Central. EVERY DONOR COUNTS. Your donation can be a thank you to those who have influenced you at NC and have an impact on future Cardinals for years to come. 

Seniors, be involved, be central, support your cause, and DO IT YOUR WAY!

Funds You Are Supporting!

Baseball (Dugout Club) 5$160
Cardinal Operation Hope & Help 5$45
Men's Tennis 4$65
Athletic Department (Cardinal Athletics) 4$49
Athletic Training 4$34
Actuarial Science Club 3$71
Friends of the Arts (FOA) 3$60
Men's Cross Country & Track and Field 3$50
Management & Marketing Department 3$30
North Central College Fund (NCC Annual Fund) 2$320
Men's Basketball (Tip-off Club) 2$270
Rev Dr. Howard Mueller '58 Alumni Board Student Involvement Scholarship 2$70
Education Department 2$40
School of Business & Entreprenuership 2$40
Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center 2$40
Psychology 2$40
Japanese 2$40
Exercise Science (Kinesiology) 2$40
PHAME (Positive Healthy Active Minds Enduring) 2$30
Office of Residence Life 2$10
Muslim Student Association (MSA) 1$150
Forensics Team (Debate) 1$100
Voices of Praise Gospel Choir 1$100
Black Student Association (BSA) 1$50
30 North Literary Magazine 1$45
Women's LaCrosse (LAX) 1$25
Center for Social Impact 1$20
Focus 1$20
Sonata Problem a Cappella 1$20
Environmental Studies Program 1$20
Sport x NC (Sports Management Association) 1$20
Music Department (All Major Tracks) 1$20
Intramurals/Rec Sports 1$20
Women's Basketball (Fast Break Club) 1$20
Sports Information 1$20
French 1$20
Writing Center 1$20
German Club 1$20
Enactus (SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise) 1$20
Women's Cross Country & Track and Field 1$20
Political Science 1$20
Women's Golf 1$10
Veterans Program 1$10
Psi Chi Honor Society 1$10
Chemistry 1$10
Biochemistry 1$10
Honors Program 1$10
Global Studies 1$10
First Generation Programs (Cardinal First) 1$10
Young Life 0$0
Wrestling 0$0
WONC-FM (Radio) 0$0
Women's Volleyball 0$0
Women's Triathlon 0$0
Women's Tennis 0$0
Women's Softball 0$0
Women's Soccer 0$0
Women's Relief Corp 0$0
Women's Chorale 0$0
Women's Bowling 0$0
Women's & Men's Swimming & Diving 0$0
WAVES (Women Aspiring Venturing and Evolving Science) 0$0
Volunteers in Action Scholarship 0$0
Viewfinder 0$0
Urban & Suburban Studies 0$0
United Methodist Student Organization 0$0
United Methodist Scholarship 0$0
Undergraduate Research 0$0
Tri Beta Honor Society (Beta Beta Beta) 0$0
There's Something About Books 0$0
Theatrical Design & Technology 0$0
Theatre Department 0$0
The Union 0$0
The Society of Physics and Engineering Students (SPES) 0$0
The Kindling 0$0
The Company 0$0
Study Abroad Programs 0$0
Students Lost in Pottery (SLIP) 0$0
Students for Social Innovation (SSI) 0$0
Student Veterans Alliance 0$0
Student Services Center 0$0
Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) 0$0
Student Human Reources Group (SHRG) 0$0
Student Government Association (SGA, SGB/PFB) 0$0
Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) 0$0
Student Athlete Leadership Program 0$0
Student Accounting Society (SAS) 0$0
Sports Medicine 0$0
Speech Communication 0$0
Spanish 0$0
Souther Poverty Law Center on Campus (SPLC) 0$0
Sociology and Anthropology Club (SOA) 0$0
Sociology & Anthropology 0$0
Social Entrepreneurship 0$0
Sigma Tau Delta 0$0
Shimer Student Organization 0$0
Shimer Great Books Montaigne Scholarship 0$0
Shimer Great Books School 0$0
Shaun Wild Memorial Fund 0$0
Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA) 0$0
School of Education & Health Sciences 0$0
Schoenherr Gallery 0$0
Samuel W. Hunt Jr. Memorial Scholarship 0$0
Rotaract Club 0$0
Rev. Nicholas Hood '46 African American Alumni Association Scholarship (AAAANCC) 0$0
Residence Hall Association (RHA) 0$0
Religious Studies 0$0
Psychology Club 0$0
Provost's Office Fund 0$0
Pre-Professional Health Studies 0$0
Premier Program 0$0
Pre-Health Organization (PHO) 0$0
Physics 0$0
Philosophy 0$0
Pep Band (Red Noise) 0$0
OUTreach (Gay Straight Alliance) 0$0
Orientation Program (O-Staff) 0$0
Organizational Communication 0$0
One Note Stand 0$0
Office of the Registrar 0$0
Office of Sustainability 0$0
Office of Student Involvement 0$0
Office of Multicultural Affairs 0$0
Office of Marketing & Communication (OMC) 0$0
Occupational Therapy Program 0$0
Nuclear Medicine Technology 0$0
North Central College Republicans 0$0
North Central College Democrats 0$0
Noctrl A Cappella 0$0
Nichole Hansen Memorial Scholarship 0$0
New Visions 0$0
Neuroscience Club 0$0
Neuroscience 0$0
Nerd Culture Club (NC^2) 0$0
NCC Swing Dance Society 0$0
NCC Singers 0$0
NCC Outdoor Adventure Club 0$0
NCC eSports 0$0
NCC Chess Club 0$0
National Women's & Girls' Sports Program 0$0
National Academic Advising Association 0$0
Music Education 0$0
Mosaic 0$0
Modern & Classical Languages 0$0
Model UN 0$0
Mock Trial 0$0
Mironda K. Heston Scholarship 0$0
Minority Achievement Program 0$0
Milton George Geil Scholarship 0$0
Middle Eastern & North African Studies (MENA) 0$0
Men's Volleyball 0$0
Men's Soccer 0$0
Men's LaCrosse 0$0
Men's Golf 0$0
Meiley Scholarship 0$0
Megan Sweeney Scholarship 0$0
Math Department 0$0
Math Club/Pi Mu Epsilon 0$0
Mark A. Reid Scholarship 0$0
Margaret E. Youel Scholarship 0$0
Maintenance Department 0$0
Magnetrol Judy G. Stevenson Scholarship 0$0
Luctus 0$0
Lester Belding Memorial Scholarship 0$0
Leadership, Ethics & Values (LEV) 0$0
Le Cercle Francais (French Club) 0$0
Latinx Student Association (LSA) (Raza Unida) 0$0
Koten Chapel 0$0
Kappa Delta Pi 0$0
Junior/Senior Scholars 0$0
Judy G. Stevenson Scholarship 0$0
Journalism 0$0
Jazz (Big Band, Combos, Ensembles) 0$0
Japanese Study Abroad Scholarship 0$0
Japan Club 0$0
International Student Scholarship 0$0
International Programs 0$0
International Club 0$0
International Business 0$0
Interdisciplinary Studies 0$0
Interactive Media Studies (IMS) 0$0
Information Technology Services (ITS) 0$0
Human Resource Management 0$0
History of Ideas 0$0
History Department 0$0
Health Science 0$0
Health & Exercise Association (HEXA) 0$0
Green Scene (NCC Green) 0$0
Graphic Design 0$0
Graduate & Professional Studies 0$0
Grace United Methodist Church Student Scholarship 0$0
German 0$0
Gender & Women's Studies 0$0
Future Promise Teacher Scholarship 0$0
Fusion Espanola (Cardinal Hablo Espanol (CHE)) 0$0
Oesterle Library (Books/Materials) 0$0
Forensics (Debate) 0$0
Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium Renovation 0$0
Football (Quarterback Club) 0$0
Food Allergy Dietary Restriction Association (FADRA) 0$0
Film & Screen Studies 0$0
Feminist Society 0$0
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) 0$0
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management 0$0
Entrepreneurship & International Business Organization (EIBO) 0$0
English Department 0$0
Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Mechanical) 0$0
Emergency Book Aid 0$0
Educators Rising (SLATE - Student Leaders Association of Teacher Educators) 0$0
Economics & Finance 0$0
East Asian/Chinese Programs 0$0
East Asian Studies 0$0
Dyson Wellness Center 0$0
Dr. Harold W. Henning Scholarship 0$0
Dr. Anne T. Sherren Scholarship 0$0
Donald & Irene Pletcher Scholarship 0$0
Dispute Resolution 0$0
Dev131 0$0
Dean of Students Office 0$0
Craig Fischer Memorial Scholarship (Wrestling) 0$0
Cowlishaw Lederman Scholarship 0$0
ConVerge Entrepreneurial Scholarship (Center for Inovation and Entrepreneurship) 0$0
ConVerge (Center for Inovation and Entrepreneurship) 0$0
Conflict Resolution 0$0
Concert Choir 0$0
Computer Science 0$0
Commuter Student Association 0$0
Weekend Programming Board (Formally CUAB) 0$0
College Scholars Program 0$0
College of Arts & Sciences 0$0
Coaching 0$0
Cleo Tanner Memorial Scholarship 0$0
Classical Civilization 0$0
Class of 1965 Scholarship 0$0
Class of 1964 Scholarship 0$0
Class of 1959 Scholarship 0$0
Class of 1955 Scholarship 0$0
Class of 1951 Scholarship 0$0
Circle K 0$0
Chronicle 0$0
Chinese 0$0
Chemical Microscopy 0$0
Cheerleading, Dance, Mascot (Spirit Squad) 0$0
Chamber Singers 0$0
Center for Success 0$0
Center for Student Success 0$0
Center for Global Education 0$0
Catholic Cardinals (Catholic Student Association) 0$0
Cardinals in Action 0$0
Cardinal Dance Company (CDC) 0$0
Cardinal Athletic Training Students (CATS) 0$0
Capture (Photography Club) 0$0
Campus Safety 0$0
Office of Faith and Action (Campus Ministry) 0$0
Broadcast Communication 0$0
Breakaway (Service Trips) 0$0
Blue Key Honor Society 0$0
Biology 0$0
Bioinformatics 0$0
Band (Concert Winds, Symphony, Marching, Athletic) 0$0
Association of Women in Mathematics 0$0
Asian Student Konnection 0$0
Art History 0$0
Art Department 0$0
Archives 0$0
American Marketing Association (AMA) 0$0
Alpha Delta Delta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi 0$0
Albright-Wesley Society 0$0
African American Alumni Association Emergency Book Fund (AAAANCC) 0$0
Admissions Department 0$0
Actuarial Science 0$0
Accounting 0$0
Upsilon Pi Epsilon 0$0
Livia Grace Hubert Memorial Scholarship 0$0

Donor affiliations

34% Students

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94% Parents

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3% Alumni

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4% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Kyle Lo Vecchio
Jonathan Stroede
Alonzo C Boulrece
Victor Krüeger
The Grant/Manning Family
Ayisha Kecht
Jonathon Kirk
Adriana G Witthoeft
Kristina Clancy
Kaylee A Lessen
Tiffany Haski
Nicholas Bernabei
Alexis M Frederick
Erik Milaicki
Sandra, Szczepaniak
Emily Johnson
Robin Johnson
Austin, J, Polezoes
Alexis Trompeter
Siarra S O’Neill
Ann Welch
Adriana G Witthoeft
Andy O Hinch
Julia A Pachla
Caroline I Hartoonian
Nicholas D Osterloo
Taylor Sikora
Myles Diaz
Chris Peck
Megan L Cortese
Connor Bangs
Chris Buechner
Peyton PironPeyton Piron photo
Katelyn McChesney
Jeremy Quade
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