New England College Giving Day

This campaign ended on April 09, 2020, but you can still make a gift to New England College by clicking here!

Wednesday, April 8 is New England College's 2nd Annual Giving Day —ordinarily a day for team spirit and exciting challenges amongst Pilgrims while raising funds for the NEC Opportunity Fund and Pilgrims Athletics. And yet, we would like to acknowledge that this year's event is happening during an extremely challenging time for our communities, our nation, and our world. Given the unprecedented changes that have happened on our campuses, and the impact of the crisis on our students and their families, we thought long and hard about whether we should continue with Giving Day. In the end, it feels right to continue to unite Pilgrims and supporters around the world in a common effort. We also felt the weight of how our students need our support now more than ever. 

This year your contribution could have an even bigger impact than usual, as gifts to the Opportunity Fund can be designated to helping current NEC students navigate the impact of remote learning. 100% of your gift has a direct and immediate impact on our students and the financial well-being of the College. 

We sincerely hope that you can help make NEC's Giving Day a success once again. Any gift, no matter the size, counts towards our participation goal of 300 gifts.



Donor affiliations

55% Alumni

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4% Students

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14% Parents

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18% Faculty/Staff

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15% Friends

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Donor list

Anna Imperato
Gordon Tuttle
Ross Mondello
Bridget couture
Justin J Hopkins
Jason Earnhardt
Paul Steinhardt
Sandra Polster
Penny Dupuis
Thomas Zervos
Hank Hays
Idarmis Perez
Theodore R. O’Neill
Carol Campion
Andrea L Wescoat
Jonathan Byrnes
Robert Byrnes
Mandy Bouchard
Rachel Drosdick-Sigafoos
Bertrand R Godin
Barry L. Muffley
Aimee bloom
John A. Fidelibus
Anne Slattery
Meredith dunnan
MAry Lea collins
Brian Campion
William Engel
Wayne F. Lesperance, Jr.
John Dearborn
Kim Lynch
Thomas Witherspoon
Ray Lyman
Christopher Bopp
Meg Korchman
Alan K

Matthew Kennedy matched $250
NEC Trustee Dan Lynch ’85 matched $10,000
President Perkins and Louis Pakula '85, Alumni Association President gave $5,000
President Perkins and Louis Pakula, Alumni Association President gave $5,000 because 150 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Lex Scourby gave $10,000