NEC Madness

This campaign ended on April 01, 2017, but you can still make a gift to New England College by clicking here!

It's Game Time! This March, rally your classmates to be the team with the highest participation level of all NEC Pilgrims. This is your chance to make a difference for New England College students today, re-connect with your classmates, and be an advocate for your school. 

Why get involved with a gift during NEC Madness? Pilgrims have always been part of a creative and supportive community. Your gift to the Opportunity Fund will go towards scholarships, student activities, and academic programs for today's Pilgrims, allowing you to support the NEC community you know and love. Better yet, by sharing the challenge with fellow alumni and classmates you can amplify your impact! Check out the NEC Madness Social Media Toolkit here.

Class years are grouped into 16 teams. Check out which team you're on below, and let the Madness begin! 



US Heat Map


Team Standings

Class Years 1980-1984 58$13,995
Class Years 1995-1999 56$3,740
Class Years 1975-1979 49$13,610
Senior Class 2017 35$2,220
Class Years 1970-1974 31$3,150
Class Years 2010-2016 30$2,246
Class Years 1985-1989 29$6,414
NEC Staff 20$1,850
Class Years 1965-1969 16$1,725
Class Years 2000-2004 14$1,600
Class Years 1990-1994 11$775
Class Years 1960-1964 10$4,900
NEC Faculty 7$1,060
Class Years 2005-2009 7$315
Class Years 1949-1954 4$650
Class Years 1955-1959 3$225

Donor affiliations

40% Alumni

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2% Students

Show Student

3% Parents

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6% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Bubba Wright
Bruce KettelleBruce Kettelle photo
Carol Farquhar
Hank Leigh
James T. Van Horn III
Heather Shumway RainierHeather Shumway Rainier photo
Stu-Dog WrightStu-Dog Wright photo
Tom M Durkee
Ian McSweeney
Liz McSweeney
Kelly Englander Gilmartin
Andrew Hoyt
Debbie AnthonyDebbie Anthony photo
Jared Parker
Alex Picard
Scott lynch
Megan (Merklinger) McCain
DJ Grava
James Downing
Thomas Farmen
Joe Ratner
Ken Frankel
Joseph Thomas
Brian DemersBrian Demers photo
David P. Starr
Gretchen M Savage
Conor J. Douglass
Capt. Jim Douglass
Stan Nowakowski
Ariane Maclean Trimuschat
Heather Frasier Chabot
Timothy R. Searl

Mara Laken  photoMara Laken matched $100
Thomas D Stott matched $250
Dave Robinson photoDave Robinson matched $300
Louis Pakula matched $350
Kristen Bell Stone photoKristen Bell Stone matched $500
Jim Dozois photoJames R Dozois matched $500
Lex photolex scourby matched $2,500
Paul Steinhardt photoPaul Steinhardt matched $2,500
Jae and TJ Whitelaw photoJae and TJ Whitelaw matched $5,000
Meghan Hallock  photoMeghan Hallock gave $500 because 100 donors made a gift in 21 days.

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