Community Means Moore Than Ever

This campaign ends on May 15 at 11:59PM EDT

Share Your Stories, Memes, Artwork-In-Progress, Etc
Togetherness and camaraderie are "Moore" important than ever right now—sorry, we couldn't resist a cheesy pun! Normally, we'd be peeking into each other's classrooms and studios, sharing stories across a table in Fox Commons, and laughing together when the Wilson elevators make that distinctive grumbling sound (you know the one). We are a tight-knit community, and nothing can change that.

Students, faculty, staff, alums, and friends of the College:
 Use the hashtag #CommunityMeansMoore on any social platform, and we'll share your stories below. Or record a short video message on your phone or computer, and upload it to GiveCampus, using the "Personal Plea" feature on the Advocates tab: Click on "Advocates," scroll down, and click on "Create Your Personal Plea."

Note: We deeply regret that our social wall cannot directly display TikToks 😨 but we'll catch them if you reshare on another platform 🧐

No donation is necessary—
all you need is a smartphone or computer with a camera. The gift is you.
(For those who want to give: As an art and design school, remote learning provides a special type of creative challenge, but as artists and designers, we are capable of rising to the occasion. This situation may be unprecedented and unpredictable, but this is exactly the type of urgent need that the InspireMoore Annual Fund supports, year in and year out. These dollars quickly and efficiently become new student affairs initiatives, increased support for students without financial means and innovative programs that respond to real-world issues in real time.

Thank you, and be well! We're thinking of you, too.)



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