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This campaign ended on November 23, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Missouri State University by clicking here!

Missouri State University is welcoming more and more veterans to campus each year. Our veterans are coming from situations that many of us have no knowledge of, or of ways we can help them as they enter back into life after the military. There are resources offered to our veterans that are unique to their experience as a veteran student. One of these resources is the Veteran Student Lounge, located in the Oldham Family Veterans Center.

The Veteran Student Lounge gives our veterans the opportunity to study at one of the computers, drink some of the locally brewed coffee, and meet other veteran students, with similar stories, at Missouri State. It is equipped with comfortable furniture, a kitchen area, free coffee, computers, a CAC reader, television, an Xbox game console and other amenities.

According to Raeleen Ziegler, Director of the Veteran Student Center, "The Veteran Student Center provides a dedicated space on campus for military connected students. We support our military connected students by providing a welcoming and professionally staffed student center, including a quiet study area and computer lab, access to academic and post military resources, and a veteran and military exclusive lounge for camaraderie."

As the Veteran Student Center supports the students, they also need our help in purchasing supplies for the Veteran Student Lounge, as these items cannot be purchased with office funds. These supplies range from coffee, coffee creamer, cups and spoons to games for the X Box, playing cards, board games and books. Your donation to this project will help us start to thank those that have served our country.

Thank you for your consideration of this project. Share the link with your family and friends, and let's stock the Veteran Student Lounge!

If you have questions on the campaign or incentives, please contact Priscilla Childress

A transcript of this video is available for download here

*In addition, MSU alumni who make a qualifying gift of $50 or more receive a V.I.B. Card - Very Important Bear

Visit MSU Alumni Association for additional information how to become engaged with the association and what events are coming to your area.

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