The Beartones' 10th Studio Album

This campaign ended on December 16, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Missouri State University by clicking here!

Founded in 2000, The Beartones is Missouri State University’s premier all-male a cappella group. The group pulls students from various backgrounds and areas of study - Communication, Entertainment Management, Political Science, Music, Education, and Business majors. The Beartones brings us all together to do what we love. We perform regularly in the Springfield area, at Missouri State University during our semester concerts, as well as tour all over the Midwest!

You can learn more about us, see and hear us on our website: the, stay up-to-date on our performances via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (The Beartones, @Beartones), and watch us sing on our Youtube page (The Beartones).

We want to showcase the growth of our group with another album. This album will be professionally recorded, edited, and mixed by The Vocal Company, a production company specializing in a cappella. The tracks will then be mastered by Vocal Mastering. 

Above all, The Beartones love performing and making music together. This project will allow us to share that part of who we are with all of our fans and supporters! After countless hours of arranging, rehearsing, and preparing, we’ll hit the recording booth, with each group member recording one at a time to ensure every member gives their best performance possible! Recording individually allows the best possible product, but also takes time. We’re working to ensure every song is as good as it can be, and this takes time and money. This is where you come in! We need your help to help us take this next step. We are so excited to complete this project and share our music with you!

Our cost outline is listed below:

  $12,550       Recording Editing and Mixing with The vocal Company

  • $4,550          The Beartones' contribution
  • $8,000          Your contribution

The biggest risk with a project like this is staying healthy, so when the time comes to record, we’re in good voice. But rest assured, we’re taking care of ourselves, staying hydrated, etc. 

Outside of that, obviously funding this project is a huge concern. We hope we have shown how much we respect your contribution and appreciate your support. Also, we take this very seriously. We understand you’re donating to our cause, and we hope we’ve assured you that we have planned out all of the costs, and that your money will go to good use! If you have any questions or suggestions for how we can do better, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have any questions, please contact Giovanni Hernandez at

*In addition, MSU alumni that make a qualifying gift of $25 or more receive an Active Alumni Member card.

To read a transcript of the video, click here to download. 

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A member of The Beartones will record a video singing a personalized song of your choice! This includes “The Beartones Package”.


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