Support An UPDATED LOOK for The PRIDE Band

This campaign ended on December 14, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Missouri State University by clicking here!

We need your help! If you were a member of the PRIDE Band, special friend of the Band, or just enjoy marching band – please consider helping by making a gift or advocating for the campaign!

The PRIDE Band uniform is a source of honor for the students as they represent Missouri State at BEARS home games, national and international parades, and exhibition performances at regional and national marching contests.  A visual image of our University that has been seen from coast to coast and across the seas, the maroon and white uniforms with gold accents have been an impressive tradition seen by millions for many years.

Our current PRIDE Band uniforms are 12 years old, and it is now time for these to be replaced and updated. Normal use of a uniform is 8 years and the current uniforms are showing their age. Generous donors helped fund new uniforms in the past; we are asking for your help in raising funds for the new PRIDE Band uniforms.   

One new full uniform will cost close to $500, and with 300 PRIDE Band members, that is a total cost of $150,000.  We need ALL of our present and past PRIDE Band members and special friends of the band to help us by making a gift of any amount and supporting this project as an advocate by sharing on social media. Together we can reach our goal! Giving is easy, secure and a tax-deductible contribution!

Thank you, and GO BEARS! 


If you have any questions regarding this project or incentives, please contact

*In addition,  MSU alumni that make a qualifying gift of $25 or more receive an Active Alumni Member card.  

Don't forget to come see our halftime performances at every MSU home football game on the following dates:

September 16

September 23

October 21

October 28

November 11

For a complete video transcript, download here.

View our first video, where we revealed our new “Athletic” uniform look.



US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1957 1$50
1975 1$100
1978 1$100
1986 2$350
1987 1$50
1988 1$100
1989 1$100
1990 2$150
1991 1$50
1992 5$430
1993 2$125
1995 1$250
1996 1$1,000
1998 1$100
1999 1$250
2000 2$50
2001 2$55
2003 5$425
2005 1$150
2006 2$100
2007 2$130
2008 1$10
2009 2$1,025
2010 1$1,000
2011 2$100
2012 2$125
2013 1$25
2014 1$100
2015 2$275
2016 3$80
2017 3$175
2018 7$900
2019 4$485
2020 16$2,776
2021 13$2,050
2022 1$100
2024 1$50

Donor affiliations

21% Alumni

Show Alumni

8% Students

Show Students

18% Parents

Show Parents

5% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

11% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Linnea Iantria
Terry, Dennis, and Shane Sondermann
Buffie M Coffman
Bert & Shirley Worley
Zlata Roullett
Cherie gaono
Ella J Heigham
Joy M Johno
Michael E Ravens
Craig R Calvert
Zlata Roullett
Wendy Verschoore
Linda Agee
Sam T Torbett
Stephen R. Bough
James Robben
Marlene Robben
Roselyn Altman
Twyla D Robben
Mary Calvert
Stacy Robben
Rebecca and Scott Friesen
Ermalyn Kubart
Janet Eads
Ray Wilson
Wendy Zimmerman
Laura Jones photoLaura Jones
Teresa (Terry) Sondermann
Arlene Dolce
Lisa Owen
Janice S Knox
Penny Baty Johnson photoPenny Baty Johnson
Dr Gloria Galanes
Olivia M Unerstall
The trager family
Marilee H Krier

Bill and Virginia Darr photoBill and Virginia Darr matched $10,000
No Challenges

Only 42 left!

For those advocates who share the campaign on social media and motivate people to donate $250 (or more!) will receive the same incentives as those at the $250 monetary level. GO BEARS and GO SHARE!


A thank you from our PRIDE Bands, a social media shout out, a PRIDE Band commemorative sticker, and recognition in PRIDE Band print material for 2017-2018 school year.


A framed photo of the PRIDE Band – and the incentives listed above.


A PRIDE Band t-shirt and cap – and all the incentives listed above.


Framed PRIDE Band hat medallion worn on the current uniform – and all the incentives listed above. You are providing ½ the cost of one uniform! Thank you! NOTE:The hat medallion is a custom-designed sequin triangle adornment worn exclusively by the PRIDE Band on the front of the hat as part of the current uniform.


Your choice of a limited-edition custom designed pillow or handbag made from the actual current PRIDE Band uniform – and all the incentives listed above. THANK YOU! Your gift is covering the cost of one FULL UNIFORM for a PRIDE Band member.

DONATE $1,000

Attend a unique and special donor event – and all the incentives listed above. Your gift will cover the cost of TWO uniforms.

DONATE $5,000

Special seating as our guest at the 2017 Ozarko Marching Contest on Oct. 7, 2017, a PRIDE Band ensemble will perform (up to 30 members) at your special event (within 30 miles radius of Springfield and on an agreed upon date), acknowledgement in game day halftime script at all BEARS football games – and all the above incentives.