Student Led Biomedical Research

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Missouri State University students are passionate about conducting research. In the Biology Department, students are conducting research on how the immune system fights infectious disease and how problems in the immune system can result in autoimmune disease. This includes research on basic functions of immune system proteins like NLRP3 and NLRP12, which are involved in autoimmune diseases. Other students study how the immune system responds to two infections at the same time, one with flu virus and one with a fungus. These double infections or "co-infections" result in high death rates. Student research at MSU will help other scientists and doctors better understand how diseases are caused and how to treat them. However, in order to continue their research, MSU students need your support. 100% of all donations will be used to fund student research projects.

Our students benefit in the following ways:

1. Students gain experience in scientific research essential for their future careers.

2. Students contribute to our understanding of health and disease. They actually make a difference by solving real world problems.

3. Students share their research and knowledge with the world by attending national and international scientific conferences and writing research articles published in scientific journals.

Please consider donating so that our students can continue their important research.  Thank you for your time and support.

For additional information please contact Dr. Christopher Lupfer, or at 417.836.6887.

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