Film: Syrian Doctor Treats Refugee Children

By Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D.

This campaign ends on March 21 at 06:00PM EDT

Dr. Tarif Bakdash, a pediatric neurologist, once worked for the Bashar al-Assad regime. Today he lives and works in the United States but donates his time and talent to providing free medical care for his former countrymen in the refugee camps scattered from the Middle East to Europe. He volunteers with the Syrian American Medical Society. His book -- A Physician's Memoir: My Life as a Child, a Student & an MD in an Era of War – shows readers what it’s like to work for a troubled regime, to escape that regime, and to continue working in the service of refugees. 

We propose to tell his story, and the story of the largest humanitarian crisis of our age, in a documentary film. We need your help to fund our crew's trip to Jordan in April 2017 to film Dr. Bakdash as he provides medical care for refugee children. We will use half of the goal to fund our team expenses in Jordan. We will use the other half of the goal to offset the cost incurred by SAMS for us to join their April 2017 medical mission. SAMS is a certified 501C3, not-for-profit that spends 97 cents of every donated dollar directly on medical care for refugees. Every dollar they spend on our team is a dollar taken away from refugee care. Thank you for your support of our project.

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