Bears Support Bears - Fiscal Year End Campaign

This campaign ended on July 01, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Missouri State University by clicking here!

School Year Comes to an End

The end of the semester at Missouri State was quieter than years past. Each year we know in-person classes end and students move off campus, but this year COVID-19 darkened campus too soon. In-person classes ended and students moved off campus 2 months before the semester ended. Due to unforeseen circumstances students have had their learning experiences forever altered.

The Next New Normal

Our campus has been changed by the pandemic and the fall semester will again require having our campus community find the next new normal. 

Since the pandemic began, the Missouri State University community has gone into action to help make sure each Bear is taken care of. 

The fall brings unknowns for us all. We do know we will face challenges along with many opportunities. More classes than usual will be offered online or in a hybrid format, we will adopt and strongly encourage social distancing practices in classrooms, residence halls, and dining and gathering spaces on campus, some campus events will be canceled while others adjusted to reduce size and enable social distancing, and we are designing a new housing strategy that will accommodate a new mode of campus living.

With $41,000,000 in cuts to higher education, students need your help.

Bears Still Need You

The Student Emergency Fund, Magers Health and Wellness Center, The Bear Pantry, Scholarship Support, and Missouri State Fund for Excellence are critical to ensuring student success – and crucial to finding the next new normal. 

 The Student Emergency Fund - Established to respond to urgent and immediate hardships to provide students with the Bear necessities to continue their education. This fund helps with everything from internet devices for distance learning in rural areas to immediate financial assistance for students in crisis.

 Magers Health and Wellness Center - Serves the entire Missouri State campus community and in many cases the families of the campus community. Remote resources are available from tele-mental health services to virtual visits.

 Student Scholarship Support - An even greater need due to the economic impacts of COVID-19 presenting new financial burdens for many students and their families.

 The Bear Pantry - Addresses the entire campus community's need for accessible and sustainable nutrition and everyday hygiene products.

 Missouri State Fund for Excellence - Goes to the area of greatest need first; whether that be scholarships, technological resources, or hands-on-learning opportunities.

Bears support Bears, it's just what Bears do.

CARES Act Tax Deductions

The recently passed CARES Act includes charitable tax provisions to encourage giving. These include:

 Universal Deduction for Donations Up to $300

For 90% of people who no longer itemize their charitable giving, the CARES Act allows individual taxpayers to deduct donations to charity of up to $300 on their 2020 federal tax return, even though they take the standard deduction.  Married-filing-jointly taxpayers will get an above-the-line deduction of up to $600.

 Raising the Charitable Giving Deduction Cap

For those donors who are still able to itemize their deductions, and therefore directly write off gifts to charity, the current deduction cap is 60% of adjusted gross income. The CARES Act lifts these caps to 100% for individuals and joint filers.

One More Thing...

A share is a gift in itself

If your situation does not allow you to make a gift at this time, you can make your gift by sharing this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, text message or even via e-mail. Use one of the buttons under the video above to share. Every share can potentially help students.

If you have questions, please reach out to

A transcript of this video is available for download here.

*In addition, MSU alumni who make a qualifying gift of $50 or more receive a V.I.B.card - Very Important Bear and special benefits.

Visit MSU Alumni Association for additional information how to become engaged with the association and what events are coming to your area.

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