Spirit Week 2017 Challenge

This campaign ended on October 27, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Miss Porter's School by clicking here!

It's Spirit Week at Miss Porter's School, and you know what that means - the annual Minks/Possums/Squirrels competition! Here in Farmington, students are getting ready for Wednesday's battle to see who will come out on top. The Possums are the reigning champions - will they win again, or can they be dethroned?

This year, Spirit Week has a twist - we are extending the challenge to our Ancients! You may no longer be on campus, but you are all still a Mink, a Possum, or a Squirrel. Help your team compete to see who can make the most gifts to the Miss Porter's School Annual Fund. You have until midnight, EST on Friday October 27 to show your team pride!

You can see which team is in the lead by clicking on the 'donors' tab above.



Global Heat Map


Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Ancients, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
2009 3$139
1956 2$200
2015 2$35
2021 1$50
2016 1$100
1982 1$100
2013 1$15
2014 1$25
1986 1$50
1953 1$50
1980 1$250
1984 1$100

Spirit Team Leaderboard

Minks 7$439
Squirrels 7$350
Possums 4$2,865

Donor affiliations

95% Ancients

Show Alumni

17% Parents

Show Parent

Donor list

Ashley Jones TagatacAshley Jones Tagatac photo
Mary H Metz
Emma J Link
Robin R Clarke
Nell Walker
Alexandra Rowe
Sophia du Brul
Caroline Longacre
Anne L Carlson
Ridgely H Biddle
Fifi Walcott MacMahon
Alexandra Ley
Emily Ailish Cashel
Letitia Roberts
Maria Anselmi
Katherine Estabroo

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