100 For 100 - Class of 2024

This campaign ends on May 12 at 12:00AM EDT

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Donate $20.24
When you make your class gift of $20.24, you will receive a commemorative Misericordia zipper-pull to be worn on graduation day with your cap and gown.

The 100th Graduating Class at Misericordia University is looking to achieve what has yet to be done. 100% participation in giving from the class.

Traditionally, each class would be responsible for creating a project or initiative that would enhance Misericordia's campus, such as a bench, a tree, or a scholarship to an eligible, future student.

The Class of 2024 officers recognizes the importance of freedom for our classmates in what interests them and what they would like to support the most. We know that it is not the size of the gift that counts, but rather the participation today and when we become "Alumni Forever."

While we are challenging our class to make their class gift of $20.24, ALL gifts received will go to what matters most to you as a student and future alumni at Misericordia.

Ways You Can Make An Impact:

Immediate Impact:

This fund aims to strengthen the university and provide direct support to areas where it is needed most, including student programs, maintaining campus and athletic facilities, and technology upgrades that support modern learning environments. Gifts to the Immediate Impact fund will achieve immeasurable good – so all can successfully maneuver each semester.

Emergency Fund:

The goal of the Emergency Fund is to prevent unexpected expenses from negatively impacting a student’s progress toward their degree. Gifts to this fund will assist students whose lives are altered by unexpected, unforeseen, or unavoidable emergencies; and impacts their ability to cover expenses such as rent, groceries, equipment, or services to complete their classes or tuition due to income loss. This donor-supported fund helps ensure students have access to the support and resources they need to recover from unanticipated hardships successfully.

Student Engagement Activities

This fund aims to enhance current and future student activities that encourage intellectual exchange and individual expressions, such as academic presentations, athletic competitions, community service, spiritual growth, and political ventures to enrich their Misericordia experience.


The goal of this fund is to support student-athlete success on and off the field. Gifts to this fund will enhance indoor & outdoor athletic facilities, assist with team travel for special trips, upgrade to game-day technologies and experiences, and provides opportunities for student-athletes to compete at their best.

Graduation Day Zipper Pulls
When you make your class gift of $20.24, you will receive a commemorative Misericordia zipper-pull to be worn on graduation day with your cap and gown.
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