Race to Reunion!

This campaign ended on June 10, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Middlebury College by clicking here!

Reunion 2019 is just weeks away, and we can't wait to see you back in Middlebury!

As we count down the days, we hope you'll join your classmates and fellow alumni in Race to Reunion, a good-natured contest among the classes celebrating Reunion. Note that this campaign tracks gifts made in our last dash to Reunion.

Here's your chance to win bragging rights, Panther hugs, and quite possibly one or more class awards presented at Convocation on Saturday!

A number of classes have issued challenges that will multiply the impact of alumni gifts:

2009 and 2014 are vying for who can raise the most alumni gifts. The victor will enjoy a special celebratory cocktail at their Friday night event.

1999 has launched a dollar-for-dollar matching challenge.

1994 classmates will unlock $50,000 when 50 alumni make gifts (see the leaderboard to follow progress).

1989 classmates will unlock $100,000 when 77 alumni make gifts (see the leaderboard for progress, and note that the challenge started at 100-they've already made some progress!).

Check back early and often to see how these challenges are advancing or if one has been added to the lineup! Is your class at the top of the leaderboard and can you help move them forward?

When you participate in Race to Reunion with a gift, you help make a Middlebury experience possible for current and future Middlebury students. Thank you! 



Race to Reunion Leaderboard

The Race to Reunion Leaderboard reflects giving from Reunion Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
1949 4$3501428.6%
1954 9$1,8051464.3%
1959 36$9,19119189.5%
1964 25$9,6405149.0%
1969 30$13,13325120.0%
1974 31$17,26031100.0%
1979 46$41,37843107.0%
1984 80$69,81248166.7%
1989 70$100,1367790.9%
1994 62$33,25350124.0%
1999 39$45,28710039.0%
2004 33$15,0357544.0%
2009 43$7,7688053.8%
2014 34$1,78610034.0%

Donor affiliations

98% Reunion Alumni

Show Reunion Alumni

Donor list

Jennifer Phelps
Greg Boosin
Jared Goetz
Kevin Bresnahan photoKevin Bresnahan
Casey O'Brien Blondes
Annie G. Kammerer
Rachael C Torkar
Margaret L Crolius
Charlie Butt
Laurel Jordan
Daniel Greenwood
Peter Rielle
Carole Walker
Patrick Torpey
Carmen Asteinza
Allison Heverin
Martha Baldwin & Thomas Baldwin
Paige A.Pierson
Patrick Adelstein
Stefano Caroti
Christopher Clark & Kathy Cleaver
Alethea Gross
Stephanie Hijazi
Jean Hudson Card
John Mutterperl
Keith Kelly photoKeith Kelly
Jose Cebrian
Curtis A. Singleton
Meredith Rowe
Douglas M Robotham
Monica Burnside
Dorothy van Gerbig
Jeremy Hertzig
David Cimino
Marc Tabah

Patrick J Durkin matched $7,500
An Anonymous Donor matched $25,000
No Challenges

Only 1 left!

The Class of 1989 Challenges! Now two generous classmates are encouraging NEW donors to this year's effort. In order to unlock $100k by Reunion Weekend, the class needs gifts from just about 50 new donors. This additional challenge offers $1,000 for every new donor who makes a gift (of any size!) by Reunion Weekend (up to $50,000).


Only 1 left!

1994 Challenge! When 1994 classmates give 50 additional gifts, we will unlock a $50K challenge gift for Midd thanks to a 1994 classmate. Follow the leaderboard to track progress. Thanks in advance for stepping up to the challenge!


Only 24 left!

The first 25 advocates to bring in three gifts will get a pair of Middlebury sunglasses!


Only 10 left!

The first 10 advocates to bring in 10 gifts will get a Middlebury water bottle!