2019 & 2019.5 Fund for Staff Support!

This campaign ended on June 30, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Middlebury College by clicking here!

It's time to make our mark on Middlebury and give back to those who have given so much to us! 

Can you think of a staff member who has made a huge impact on you during your time at Midd? Maybe it's a coach or advisor, a chef in proctor, or a custodian you have bonded with? This year's senior gift campaign, the class of 2019 and 2019.5 Fund for Staff Support works to help staff in times of need and emergency. 100% of the proceeds we raise will go directly to supporting the staff on campus who make Middlebury a home and a true community. 

Join in and help us reach our goals. Also remember, any gift of $20.19 or more results in an official class pint glass. Glasses can be picked up throughout the semester and during senior week. 



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70% Students

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Jacqueline Cameron
Mark R Uhrynuk
Chelsea Colby
Abdel Rodriguez
Tim M Novak
Liz Robinson & Charlie Robinson
Karen Sullivan
Lisa Deutscher & Rob Garber
Margot L DesBois
Julian R Lopez
Travis Samderson
Kailash Pandey
Mike Borenstein
Meredith Robertson
Logan Wright
Jack Shapiro
Trey Jackson
Alexander G Tieberg
Dan Klemonski
Peter E Davis
Campbell Wood
Elizabeth D MacCowatt
Ellie Jo Carr & Mark Dickerson
Noah Levine
Mikaela, J, Chang
Holley McShan photoHolley McShan
Hannah M. Smart
Clare, C, Robinson
Susanna R Baker
Ivy S Houde
Joana Salievska
Tatiana Rengifo
Qian Li
John A. Tipps
Campbell, Y, Goldsmith
Robert M Kelley
Caroline Snell & Connor Freeman

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Win a Midd Water Bottle for generating 10 gifts as an advocate!