Pioneers Together 2021

104% of $200,000 goal
This campaign ended on December 01, 2021, but you can still make a gift to MidAmerica Nazarene University by clicking here!

Pioneers strive to do things in community. Together, we are stronger and make a greater impact. We celebrate together. We pray and praise together. And we give together.

Now till November 30, we invite you to join the hundreds of alumni and friends who are supporting MNU this fall and helping to advance our mission.

During the Pioneers Together campaign, we are working to raise $200,000 for the University Fund, which impacts everyone and everything on campus -- from student scholarships and faculty development to academic support services, experiences beyond the classroom, and much more. The MNU Alumni Council is offering up to $15,000 in matching gifts for this campaign to encourage even greater giving from the extended Pioneer family.

Giving together: It's what Pioneers do!

Thank you for supporting Pioneers Together!

Because of your generosity, MNU students now have access to additional scholarships, academic-success services, experiences beyond the classroom, and much more.

That's a great way to your importance to our students: MORE!

Without you, we can't offer as many scholarships, help our faculty and staff improve, or provide a wider array library resources or instructional technology.

Thanks for joining nearly 1,000 Pioneers in giving together to advance MNU's mission.

We love love!

3 days ago by Pete Brumbaugh
50-state challenge within our grasp

If you look the map of donors for this campaign, you'll notice we are extremely close to reaching donors in all 50 states. We only need donors in Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire to unlock an extra $500 challenge gift.

If you know anyone in these states, please reach out to them and ask them to join you in supporting MNU through the Pioneers Together campaign!

Thanks again for your generosity!

5 days ago by Pete Brumbaugh
My Why: Shelley Hayes ('96)

Today, we wanted to share why one of our alums is supporting the campaign. Shelley Hayes ('96) is the chief development officer for a group of organizations working to support children in the Washington, DC area. She is also a member of the MNU Alumni Council.

"One of my most influential WHY moments happened shortly after I moved to Washington, DC after graduating from MNU. I was afforded the opportunity to take 17 children to Danbury Federal Prison to see their moms who were incarcerated. 

Enter Tiffany. 

At eight years old, Tiffany had seen a lot in life. Her mom had been away for nearly two years. Each child exited the facility after spending the afternoon with their moms either full of grins or tears. Tiffany grabbed my hand as we walked across the parking lot to the R bus and asked, 'Is your mom in jail?' My heart completely melted that day. I had the opportunity to spend the next four years walking with these kids every Saturday. 

The Lord used Tiffany all those years ago to capture my heart for His children, and my time at MNU prepared me to be flexible in new environments and provided the spiritual foundation to listen to the Holy Spirit's leading."

Join Shelley in expressing your WHY today with a gift to the Pioneers Together campaign.
Giving together: It's what Pioneers do!

16 days ago by Chloe Pankratz

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