Make It Count for Meredith

By Erin Cleghorn

This campaign ended on February 24, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Meredith College by clicking here!

Today we are making history with our 24-hour giving challenge. In less than 12 hours, Meredith College donors helped the College reach our $125,000 Giving Day goal, but we are not done! At noon, President Allen issued a new challenge: to double the goal to $250,000 by midnight. 

Alumnae and friends continue to make the College stronger. Together we can Make It Count for Meredith!

Special Events you don’t want to miss today.

·         6:00 Claire Slaughter, ʼ72, President of the Alumnae Association

·         7:30 Phone-a-thon live feed: Our students say Thanks!

Make a Gift! Any amount can make a real difference!

Don't forget to upload pictures to social media holding the Make It Count for Meredith sign, telling us why you believe Meredith is worth your investment. Use #MakeItCount4MC and share your photo.

Follow @MeredithCollege on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see challenges throughout the day, special events, and to see how others are making it count for Meredith.

Let’s make it count for Meredith College!

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from
Class YearDonorsDollars
1943 1$3,000
1944 1$1,000
1947 3$880
1951 4$550
1952 2$525
1953 2$400
1954 5$1,850
1955 5$1,500
1956 1$200
1958 3$250
1960 4$3,335
1961 4$500
1962 2$325
1963 3$1,700
1964 4$1,555
1965 3$350
1966 3$2,750
1967 4$450
1969 1$100
1970 7$750
1972 1$100
1974 1$125
1977 1$1,000
1980 2$22,000
1981 2$600
1982 2$5,500
1985 0$1,985
1995 2$100
2001 1$15
2004 1$25
2005 1$500

Designation Leaderboard
College's Greatest Needs 837$105,832
Financial Aid/Scholarships 270$18,804
Study Abroad 98$11,458
Academic Programs 55$5,935
Athletics 36$2,770

Donor affiliations
Donor list
Susan Grigg
Mary Elizabeth A. Zackery
Alice Clayton
Laura J. Wagner
Natasha Bress-TaylorPicture?height=150&width=150
Mary Dickson Long
Ann Lucas
Hannah Massey
Mary Dickson Long
Anne C Baird
Jane Williams Davis
Lindsay VandenbroeckPicture?height=150&width=150
Rebecca Harper
Janice Couch ThompsonPicture?height=150&width=150
Lauren Galloway
Page Midyette
Suzanne Alina
Carole Fabiano
LuAnn Whitley Joyner
Cara Glover
Elizabeth Deal
Roslyn Allen
Maria AdonayThumb avatar image
Suzanna Edens
Kim Lawson
Amy Kay Nickerson
Susanne Newman
Cammy Mullen
Nancy Long
Victoria BunchThumb avatar 15 204 final day of giving icon
Paige Bigger
Taylor Booth
Suzanne Triemstra
Kelly Thompson MontgomeryPicture?height=150&width=150
Beverly Herron Carlton
Charlotte Dickerson
Anna Williams
Nedra Bryant


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