Make Your Mark

This campaign ended on June 30, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Mercer University by clicking here!

To demonstrate that participation is just as important as the total number of dollars raised and to have a little fun along the way, we’re giving alumni an opportunity to “Make Your Mark” and have your name placed on an item on campus. 

  • Some alumni don’t give because they think they can’t give enough to make a difference.
  • Small gifts can make a big impact.
  • We need 400 donors to exceed last year’s donor participation rate.
  • Every gift makes a difference.


If you’ve always wanted your claim to fame on Mercer’s campus, now is your time. With a minimum gift of $5 to the Mercer Fund, you can enter for a chance for your name to be selected to distinguish (however briefly) a piece of Mercer history. The contest will end on June 29, and winners will be announced on Friday, July 6. Make your gift and enter today for the chance to have your name placed on one of the following items on campus: 

1) Cut-through path in front of Penfield on Macon Campus

2) The microphone of Rick Cameron, The Voice of the Bears

3) Random concrete square in front of Willingham on Macon Campus

4) Fire hydrant in front of University Center on Macon Campus

5) Turnstile in the University Center on Macon Campus

6) Concrete barrier/planter beside Mrs. Giddens’ house on Macon Campus

7) Volleyball net on the Atlanta Campus

8) Birdhouse on the Atlanta Campus 



Donor affiliations

79% Alumni

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11% Students

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4% Parents

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11% Faculty/Staff

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4% Friends

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Donor list

Rachael Ajetomobi
Amy Elliott West photoAmy Elliott West
Lauren T. Fallin
Charles A Whatley
Michael C Eorio
Billie Frys photoBillie Frys
Ms. Jamesa Thurman
Jagger Lieb photoJagger Lieb
Dan and Elizabeth Pirovano
Bruce D. McDonald, III
Taelor Rye photoTaelor Rye
Cassie M Jacobs
Joshua Gaisser
Joseph Knight Wozniak
Collin H Schumacher
Melissa M Niedrauer
Melina Hettiaratchi
Jason (CLA '07, LAW '11) & Judy (BUS '09, EDU '14) Wilbanks
Kara Styers
Dawn Jolly
Andrew Hearn
Tuyen N Tran
Donna C Miletto
Thomas Norton
Tori Konrad photoTori Konrad
Heather W Moore
Stacy Lange
Mariyum Khan
Amy Martin
Angelica Beasley
Edward V. Fletcher
Morgan J. Jones
Kevin C Walden
Emily Rowell
Mark B. Collum
Timothy M Lewis
Laura M Botts
E Morey
Tram Le
Joey Gemuenden photoJoey Gemuenden

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Make a minimum $5 gift and be entered into a drawing to name one of the listed items on the Macon or Atlanta Campus. The naming plaques will remain on campus temporarily and winners will receive a keepsake plaque.