C4T: The Campaign for Technology

This campaign ended on December 08, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Mercer University by clicking here!

Mercer University’s School of Engineering is strategically growing. The total undergraduate student population has increased by 45% in the last six years; we have initiated a Civil Engineering specialty and now also offer a minor in Engineering for Development. During the summer of 2018, we plan to move several of our labs and student project spaces to a refurbished and upgraded third floor of the Willet Science Center. We need your help to raise money for equipment desired for the new student project space. We’ll need computers, specialized software, digital multi-meters, oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, meters and probes, hand tools, etc. These funds will also be combined with existing funding sources to purchase new computers and 3D printers which will be used throughout the School of Engineering (impacting all engineering disciplines along with the Technical Communication and Industrial Management programs). Please help however you can. Any size of gift will go directly to improving student labs and project spaces. Our goal is to raise $10,000 – with your help we can raise that and more!



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Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1994 5$2,575
1993 4$1,625
2001 5$1,525
2010 6$1,270
2006 2$1,050
2000 4$1,005
2004 1$1,000
1989 1$1,000
2012 3$950
2005 3$400
2002 3$325
2016 2$275
2007 3$225
1995 3$225
1997 1$225
1996 2$125
2019 1$100
2011 1$100
1992 1$50
2013 1$25
1998 1$25
2014 1$25

Donor affiliations

78% Alumni

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2% Parents

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14% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list

Christopher A. Basciano
Tyler H Simmons
Susan BarkleySusan Barkley photo
Donald Ekong
Susan Codone
Samuel J Sorice III
Carol B Hernandez
John S. Nicely
Robert C Guest Jr
Delton Schwalls
Will O'Connor
Anant Bhushan
Wade Williams
Roy O Jackson
Melissa Kammerer
Chad M. Boggan
Mike Thompson
Michael D Haisten
Jamie J
Andrews, Hammock & Powell, Inc.
Andrew Simms
Andrew Eck
James Waldron
Ray McDonald
Jake Carpenter
Roy O Jackson
David J. Morace
Rajesh, Pandey
Andrew Jones
Douglas Doud
Thomas J Evans IV
Mike MacCarthy
Kevin Berry
Paul E MacNeil
Emily M. Lord
C. Brett Northenor
Jacqueline Lagratta-Mattern

Sam A. Martinez Jr. photoSam Martinez matched $200
Amy Griswold Martin photoAmy Martin matched $200
Mike MacCarthy matched $200
Susan Barkley photoSusan Barkley matched $100
Laura Lackey photoLaura Lackey matched $1,000
Thomas J Evans IV gave $250 because 10 donors made a gift in 3 days.

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Give at least $100 to receive a drink coaster created by Mercer students in our Rapid Prototype Lab.