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This campaign ended on October 14, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Media-Providence Friends School by clicking here!


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What you give today, you get tomorrow.
Matshona Dhliwayo, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, and Author

T. Jon's Challenge

Help us grow! Your action makes a difference.

Dear members of the MPFS community,

At MPFS, growth for our students is our only goal. It takes many forms: growth as people, students, and stewards of our communities and planet. Whether you are a current or past family, I thank you for trusting us to facilitate this growth in your children. 

One area we try our best not to grow is tuition. We strive to make MPFS affordable for all families by growing our financial aid budget. However, tuition covers only about 83% of the cost of operating our school; the remainder is covered by our development work, particularly the MPFS Fund. Therefore, our ability to have an impactful financial aid budget is tied directly to the funds we raise during the annual appeal. 

If financial aid is important to you (as a current or past family or a friend of the school), the MPFS Fund should be important to you. If you receive financial aid, the MPFS Fund should be important to you.

Our community's level of commitment is vital to grant-giving organizations as they consider their commitment to our school.

Now let's make this fun for our current families! My challenge to you is if we reach 70% family participation in the MPFS Fund by the end of the Giving that Grows campaign on October 14, pizza lunch is on me for the entire student body on October 28. 

Please remember that every dollar we raise from any source directly impacts your children/our students. Whether you are a current family, alum, or alum family, your action today will help support the education of our students. 

Jon Hall

Head of School

Wings to Fly

With your help, we give students the roots to grow and the wings to fly. MPFS is dedicated to creating a community of life-long learners who grow in a nurturing environment rich in opportunities for character development.

636 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff

At MPFS, we celebrate our differences and do the work of seeing the Light within others. Students develop a positive sense of self, responsibility, and respect for all communities. This work, grounded in our Quaker values, fosters leadership qualities essential for success. 

636 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
T. Angela about MPFS Education

Our most fervent wish for our children is to grow. T. Angela reminds us why the gift of an MPFS education is worth your support. Click below to hear her message

637 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Current MPFS Family Challenge from T. Jon

637 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Make a Difference

Change starts with one person: be it in the classroom or in a community.  Our students are inspired and empowered to make a difference. They are taught not to wait for others to solve problems they see. Help them fully realize their potential to make a difference. Support #givingthatgrows

637 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff

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