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This campaign ended on October 05, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Media-Providence Friends School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorA Generous Group of Donors gave $10,000 because 150 donors gave
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Your Gift through the MPFS Fund makes possible Inspired Learning, enhancing the lives of our students through experiences that foster agile, open, and resilient minds that will support their communities and shape our world. 

The result is students who see the world as a place of Infinite Possibilities, ready to make in impact today and in the future. 

Your gift to the MPFS Fund:

  • Helps attract and retain students and teachers.
  • Provides advanced technology, resources & materials.
  • Supports the arts, athletics, academic programs, and our physical campus.
  • Affirms your connection to MPFS and your own experience here.
  • Demonstrates your care for our students, our mission, and our collective future.
  • Translates into more personal attention, increased intellectual stimulation, and rich socio-emotional growth. 
  • Preserves our 142-year history, made possible by the philanthropy of current and previous generations of families, alumni, and friends like you.

From October 1st - 5th we have 5 days to mobilize 150 people to give to MPFS, empowering students today, so we can do more for their education, for one another, and for the world. 

With your support there is no limit to what we can achieve!  

So please take a minute to give to MPFS. Then share this video to help us reach our goal with #5DaysInfinitePossibilities. Challenge your friends. Talk about it on social media. Make phone calls. Encourage everyone you know to give to the school you love. 
Your participation inspires others to give. 

Visit mpfs.org/InfiniteToolkit for digital resources on the MPFS website.

Thank you to all of our f(F)riends!

Thank you all! We really did great work this year funding this exceptional education.

MPFS only has $21,000 left budgeted to raise for the annual MPFS Fund. We know we will get there before our fiscal year is over. We thank you on behalf of our students, the ultimate recipients of your generosity.

1973 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Independent thinking, resilience, and self-reliance are intentionally fostered in a safe and caring environment where students exercise choice, build confidence, discover more about themselves through reflection, take risk in learning, sustain their curiosities, and explore and consider lessons.

At MPFS our students are empowered to take risks and exercise choice within a strong, supportive community. A sense of “being in community” is the environment that offers support when mistakes are made, socially and academically. Throughout every day, students are taught and practice empathy, attentive listening, respect, and kindness. “Meaningful Learning, Purposeful Life” is continuously revealed in the attitudes and actions of the members of our community. In addition to these structured settings, the close relationships with teachers who are available to listen and offer guidance help make students feel known and emotionally understood.  This warm social environment gives students the space to learn from their mistakes and feel safe taking intellectual risks. To learn more click here: http://www.mpfs.org/news

1973 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Problem Solving Skills at MPFS

Problem solving skills make creative thinking possible; inspiring new inventions as well as social and cultural evolution. Not only is problem solving found within a challenging, vigorous program that prepares students to be critical thinkers at MPFS. Problem solving also manifests itself within the students own awareness of their learning styles, during group guidance, service learning, conflict resolution lessons, and peer facilitator programs. To learn more click here

1974 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Why is learning in a collaborative environment at MPFS important?

At MPFS, the acronym STEAM stands for the cross-curriculum study of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. In the past decade, jobs that require this kind of collaborative, interdisciplinary thinking have been growing at three times the rate of non-STEAM fields. This kind of education cultivates curious, creative, and capable life-long learners prepared to succeed in whatever field they choose. From fun with robotics between 1st - 3rd grades, dissecting owl pellets in kindergarten, computer programming basics in 1st grade, exploring rocks and minerals in third grade, and brain science in middle school, teachers tackle these subjects with a collaborative approach.

With yearlong, school-wide STEAM programming, along with our intensive STEAM Week, MPFS students are prepared to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. They are able to see a world of infinite possibility.  To learn more click here

1975 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff

Your post can make the difference! Share this campaign on your social media account and see how fast the word spreads about MPFS. Thank you for all you do for this 142 year old school.

1976 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Critical Thinking Skills leads to empowered students

At MPFS we empower students by providing them with the tools to build their critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to be aware of their own thinking and build their discerning skills, to think from the outside in, to use evidence-based reasoning and learn how to focus. We show them how to identify what is missing and have them ask provocative questions about what they are learning. Then we ask them to offer suggestions about how those questions might be answered. Once they have built these skills then they can be agents for ideas seeing a world of infinite possibility. Visit mpfs.org/news to learn more about critical thinking at MPFS.

1976 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Your gift is the key

Thank you for your donation!

There is only 65 people needed to unlock and additional $10K for MPFS. 5 Days. 150 People. We can do it! #5DaysInfinitePossibilities

1977 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff
Thank you to our early donors

Thank you to everyone who donated to the MPFS Fund in support of #5DaysInfinitePossibilities campaign!

1987 days ago by Cynthia A. McGoff

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