5Days 150People Infinite Possibilities

This campaign ended on October 05, 2018, but you can still make a gift to Media-Providence Friends School by clicking here!

Your Gift through the MPFS Fund makes possible Inspired Learning, enhancing the lives of our students through experiences that foster agile, open, and resilient minds that will support their communities and shape our world. 

The result is students who see the world as a place of Infinite Possibilities, ready to make in impact today and in the future. 

Your gift to the MPFS Fund:

  • Helps attract and retain students and teachers.
  • Provides advanced technology, resources & materials.
  • Supports the arts, athletics, academic programs, and our physical campus.
  • Affirms your connection to MPFS and your own experience here.
  • Demonstrates your care for our students, our mission, and our collective future.
  • Translates into more personal attention, increased intellectual stimulation, and rich socio-emotional growth. 
  • Preserves our 142-year history, made possible by the philanthropy of current and previous generations of families, alumni, and friends like you.

From October 1st - 5th we have 5 days to mobilize 150 people to give to MPFS, empowering students today, so we can do more for their education, for one another, and for the world. 

With your support there is no limit to what we can achieve!  

So please take a minute to give to MPFS. Then share this video to help us reach our goal with #5DaysInfinitePossibilities. Challenge your friends. Talk about it on social media. Make phone calls. Encourage everyone you know to give to the school you love. 
Your participation inspires others to give. 

Visit mpfs.org/InfiniteToolkit for digital resources on the MPFS website.



US Donor Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Parents
2022 11$1,735
2023 7$875
2024 4$2,300
2019 4$5,100
2001 4$2,180
2010 4$284
2011 3$775
2021 3$325
1983 3$200
2020 3$300
2014 2$125
2028 2$125
2026 2$38
2018 2$200
1985 2$250
1990 2$1,325
1987 2$10,500
2007 2$2,025
2003 2$260
2013 1$50
1976 1$1,000
1952 1$100
1996 1$25
2005 1$10
1970 1$150
2000 1$1,000
2017 1$600
2002 1$10
1998 1$10
1941 1$2,000
1945 1$500
1999 1$10
1995 1$100
1981 1$30
2027 1$50
2030 1$50
1986 1$250
1993 1$250
1978 1$25

Donor affiliations

13% Alumni

Show Alumni

36% Parents

Show Parents

14% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

31% Friends

Show Friends

10% Trustee

Show Trustee

Donor list

Gillian Pierre
Violeta Mayer
Julia Shreckengast
Elizabeth Fern
Brittany Bowen
Billy Haviland
Noah B Gilford
Bill & Natalie Deveney
Iris Paltin Gruar and Daryl Gruar
Laura Taylor
Terry & Bill Haviland
Patricia L Menig
Kenneth A Shackman
Paulette and James Lane
Kevin E Gillen
Susan Murray
Ericha Guzzetti
Jennifer Conway
Rebecca McKenna
Pamela G. Phelan
yvette boyd
Evan M Gold
Machele kortum
jean hannemann
Brian & Kat Crowner
Anthony Watkins
Cristina Perachio photoCristina Perachio
Danielle Coellner
Callie Yosh
Shane R Collins

Meagan Watkins photomeagan Watkins matched $50
Cynthia A. McGoff photoCynthia McGoff matched $150
Susan Duncan photoSusan Duncan matched $400
Earl Sissell photoEarl Sissell matched $500
A Generous Group of Donors gave $10,000 because 150 donors made a gift in 11 days.

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