Theatre Support Fund Endowment

By Angela Bartosik

This campaign ended on April 27, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Marquette University by clicking here!

In Spring 2020, the Department of Digital Media and Performing Arts, and Marquette Theatre will be celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Helfaer Theatre.  The Helfaer Theatre has been the home of the Marquette Theatre program since 1974.  

Spotlighting the importance of Marquette Theatre

From creative writing, dance and film, to music, visual arts and theatre, Marquette University believes in the power of creativity in its varied forms…to inspire, inform, and entertain — to give voice and open minds to different ways of expression and thinking.  Marquette Theatre is a cornerstone of the curricular and extracurricular offerings known as the Marquette Arts. Producing performances that are student-driven and open to participants regardless of major, Marquette Theatre helps shape the creative mindset as a bookend to critical thinking — both invaluable to our liberal arts tradition. Within each show of Marquette Theatre’s five-production season, most students studying theatre will have contributed in multiple ways, applying what they learn in performance and technical aspects. In turn, they provide quality productions that speak to the Marquette community and general public, including one show per year designed for children.

Marquette Theatre is excited to offer an opportunity to ensure the theatrical tradition continues

Theatre arts faculty, staff and alumni have created a fund to continue the tradition of supporting young artists in their study of the art of theatre. The purpose of this fund is to provide general support for the Marquette University theatre arts major and the Marquette Theatre production program.  It will be used to hire guest artists including directors and designers, as well as support productions and other theatre-based activities. Marquette Theatre relies on donations to help maintain the high quality of theatre arts training and programming on campus. From the Ravel Theatre and Social Justice Fund to focused funds for musicals, classical theatre and the young audience series, foundational support and individual donations keep Marquette Theatre robust.

Your donation will strengthen and maintain the arts for Marquette students, all while supporting the power of Marquette Theatre during this milestone celebration on Marquette’s campus.



The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from MARQUETTE THEATRE alumni by graduation year.

The The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from MARQUETTE THEATRE alumni by graduation year. reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1958 1$100
1960 1$200
1969 2$50
1975 2$100
1976 1$25
1977 1$45
1978 1$25
1979 2$2,075
1980 1$25
1982 2$50
1983 1$100
1985 1$150
1987 3$1,800
1988 1$200
1989 3$151
1990 2$245
1992 1$100
1993 2$765
1994 1$5
1995 3$2,595
1997 1$5,000
1998 1$100
2000 2$150
2001 5$470
2002 2$585
2003 2$2,827
2004 6$1,355
2005 5$1,610
2006 2$220
2007 6$761
2008 3$456
2009 4$571
2010 1$25
2013 2$145
2014 4$150
2015 7$625
2017 1$100
2018 2$1,020
2019 2$100
2020 2$210
2021 1$1,200
2023 1$45

Donor affiliations

62% Alumni

Show Alumni

9% Parents

Show Parents

8% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

6% Friends

Show Friends

Donor list

Scott, Piecuch
Sue Yee & Brian Yee
Archana Gupta
Frederick Barzyk
Jennifer Shine & Nick Inzeo
Joshua Hale
Jenny G.
Jennifer E Olson
Travers J Wendle
Michael Lopez
Thomas M Cound
Michelle Hoemann
Chris Marrs & Erin Marrs
Nicole Ogden & Jon Ogden
Vickie Major
LAWRENCE J KENNY & Jennine Kenny
Abby Rehfeldt
Mary Rock & Richard
Kristen Pawlowski Fischer & Douglas Fischer
Gary Marks
Dawn, O, Crane & Jason
Julie A. Malec
Farrokh Nourzad
Michael Nicholas
Toni Uhrich
MaryEllen Taylor Braaten
Kevin J Wleklinski & Ashlea J Woodley
Suzanne Kristopeit
Marsha M. Hammer & Frederick Hammer
Kaitlyn M Martin
Brian and Sue Yee & Brian Yee
Kathy Wittman
Tricia North
Connie Petersen & Connie
Sarah Nedwek
Shannon Theiss
Megan (Mulherin) Goril

Laura Abing photoLaura Abing matched $100
Stephen C Hudson-Mairet matched $1,000
Kyle Whelton, Arts '15 matched $2,500
Brian Cullen, Arts '75 matched $2,600
Michael Giunta, Arts '85 matched $3,200
John Chidester, Bus Ad '10 matched $3,500
Tim Mason, Arts '97 matched $5,000
Juliana Furlong, Comm ’90, Grad '98 & Peter Furlong, Bus Ad '89 matched $5,000
Jennifer Dienes, Arts '05 matched $5,000
Katie Reeves, Arts '90 & David Reeves matched $10,000
Matthew and Colleen Glisson, both Eng ’00 matched $10,000
Barbara Burja photoBarbara Burja gave $200
William Meindl, Eng '09 and Courtney Meindl, H Sci '08 and PT '10 gave $2,000 because 1,881 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Beth McCostlin, Arts ’06, and Adam McCostlin, Bus Ad ‘ 06 gave $10,000 because 250 donors made a gift in 0 days.
John Schaefer, Arts '66 gave $70,000 because 1,010 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Marquette parents Caroline Brotz-Twohig, Arts '89, Law '92, and George Twohig gave $100,000 because 200 donors made a gift in 0 days.
Jim Sartori, Bus Ad '77, owner and CEO of Sartori Cheese gave $200,000 because 2,020 donors made a gift in 0 days.

Only 5 left!

Five advocates who can bring in at least 10 gifts will receive a new MARQUETTE THEATRE t-shirt.


Only 10 left!

Ten advocates who can bring in at least 5 gifts will receive 5 MARQUETTE THEATRE stickers.

DONATE $1,500

Special invitation only donor dinner during the 45th anniversary celebration of the Helfaer Theatre on April 18, 2020.


Only 5 left!

The first 5 donors to give $245 will receive two season subscriptions to MARQUETTE THEATRE's 2020-2021 season.


Make a gift by midnight on March 4 in honor of Give Marquette Day and we’ll send you an exclusive pair of Marquette socks