2019 Senior Challenge

This campaign ended on May 20, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Marquette University by clicking here!

Senior Challenge is a tradition dating back to 1987. Each year the seniors of Marquette University come together to give back to the place they have called home for the past four years.

Now it's our turn, Class of 2019. This is our Senior Challenge!

Senior Challenge is a student organization composed of seniors from the graduating class. The Senior Challenge Committee is responsible for educating students on the impact philanthropy has on the university, soliciting peers for the senior class gift to the university as well as the sponsored events and outings.

Donor list

Daniel Michael Steeno
Kate Moffatt
Sebastien A Feren
Travis Chambers photoTravis Chambers
Elizabeth B Muckerheide
Riley Long
Emily Wallschlaeger
Samuel Anderson
Alyssa Goodwillie photoAlyssa Goodwillie
Jazzmine Haygood
Riley Gilbert
Stacy Mellantine photoStacy Mellantine
Taylor DeFelippis photoTaylor DeFelippis
Bridget Erangey photoBridget Erangey

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