Young Alumnae Support Marlborough
This campaign ends on July 1 at 02:59AM EDT

At Marlborough we created some of our most cherished friendships and lasting memories. We wouldn't be the women we are today if not for our time here. Now, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment and leave our mark on campus in perpetuity.

This past summer our school completed the Arden Project and unveiled a beautiful new field, aquatic center, and alumnae garden. In celebration of the school's 127th anniversary, we are asking young alumnae for a gift of $127 to support this project. In recognition of your generosity, you will have your name engraved on our Young Alumnae Support Marlborough donor wall, which will be located outside of the new Caryll Mudd Sprague Aquatic Center. 

$100 of your gift will directly support the Arden Project and the remaining $27 will go toward the Angel Fund for financial aid. 

I hope you will join us by donating today via the link below and help demonstrate to the rest of the alumnae that your class is the best Marlborough class ever!

 Ali Jack Conaty '02 and Erica Jones '02

President and Vice President Young Alumnae Council

US Heat Map

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from alumni and students.
Class YearDonorsDollars
2005 27$3,295
2002 25$2,957
2016 20$2,423
1997 18$2,359
2008 18$2,286
2003 17$2,057
2014 14$1,851
2007 13$1,651
1998 11$1,520
2012 11$1,397
2015 11$1,397
2011 11$1,297
1999 9$1,289
2013 8$1,016
2009 6$655
2001 5$635
2000 5$558
2010 4$508
2004 3$381
2006 1$127
1995 1$127
1967 1$10

Donor affiliations

97% alumni

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1% students

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1% friends

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Donor list
Sydney Povich Agus
Cleo Schoeplein
Katie Keene
Katherine McNutt
Sydney D. Lane
Kasumi Takahashi Roddick
Jonako Donley
Sachiko Donley
Tamara M. Kurtzman
Jill Iwasaki
Abigail Decter
Anne Ziegler
Yenie Ra
Jennifer Weatherup
Eliza L McDonough
Francesca Hyeyoon Kang
Audrey Hyejin Kang
sophia berman
Athena Petrides
Anjoum Agrama
Christina Evie Boghosian
Laura Wilkinson
Sarah Brooks
Elisabeth Siegel
Catherine Shaw
Alana Friedman
joan f mosebar korol
Paige E. Shin
Amanda Wilkinson
Christina Phillips Melas-KyriaziPicture?height=150&width=150
Sarah Colella
Sarah Edelman
Emily Edelman
Jordan A. Sale
Jamice Oxley
Sydney Chitjian
Jessica Yeung
Ryanne Chitjian
Alex Tator
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