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During your time at Marlborough, alumnae–just like you–supported your Marlborough experience. Imagine how your gift this Giving Day will elevate a current student’s unique experience. Help us reach our goal of a gift for every Marlborough student.

What impact did your Marlborough experience have on you then and now?

The impact of a Marlborough education lasts a lifetime. Our alums continuously share how their lives were changed as a result of this school – whether through the lifelong friendships that were made, feeling seen and heard as a student, or finding ways to make an impact in their own communities, Marlborough is the catalyst that made it all possible. 

We know that our current students will see the impact of this education once they graduate. Thanks to the generous support from alums like you, our students have access to unparalleled programming: whether it be social justice, Honors Research, the humanities, STEM, and so much more, they are able to access a level of insight into professionals and organizations that can further expand their learning to new levels. Knowing from a young age that they can make an impact, Marlborough students learn very early on what they are capable of, and how they can change the world for the better. 

As you reflect on your time at Marlborough, can you see the impact that this school has had on your life’s trajectory? Help make a current student’s experience one that will forever positively alter their path. Help them see and feel the impact of their time at Marlborough. Make your gift today. 

Video Transcript: 

Image with text: What impact did your Marlborough experience have on you then and now?

Alexandria Sanders Yates ’03:  As a seventh grader, unsure of herself, that you know really transformed and by my senior year, I was bold, I was confident and you know, I definitely carry so much of that with me today. 

Whitney Padden Arnautou ’79: When I reflect on the things that stand out the most to me it’s hands-down the people that I met while I was there. 

Samantha Hayden Soule ’85: All the friendships I made really have sustained me throughout the different periods of my life. 

Gisele Roberts Wilson ’99: I could always bring my culture with me. I always felt like I was seen and heard.

Carolyn Marounian Kassabian ’93: I had immigrated to the United States only four years prior to starting school at Marlborough. From Day 1, I completely thought like I belonged.

Whitney Padden Arnautou ’79:  I also have some pretty great memories of participating on athletic teams. 

Eliza ’24: Something that makes Marlborough unique to me is the community. My mom has lifelong friends that she met at Marlborough and I know I will be able to make connections like that. 

Beverly Sue Jermyn ’60: The girls that are developing, in the future are going to be going into a very different world than I saw.  They are going to be completely equipped to be successful, confident, and contribute to their world.  

Gisele Roberts Wilson ’99: I could be authentically myself. 

Kim Root Sandifer ’87: …and the thing that makes Marlborough unique to me is the fact that I get to share it with my beautiful girl.

Whitney Padden Arnautou ’79: This campaign is one way that I can show my appreciation for what I was allowed to experience. 

Alexandria Sanders Yates ’03: It’s important that young women continue to have that opportunity to be bold, to be confident, and to be unapologetic.

Ophelia ’23: I’m really enjoying all of the different electives and different classes at Marlborough currently so I really hope that you can support Marlborough school. Thank you!

Eliza ’24: Thank you for giving!

Image with text: Imagine how your gift will elevate a current student’s unique Marlborough experience. Gift today.

648 days ago by Natalie Makous
Marlborough is a place where innovation thrives.

Since 1889, Marlborough has served as a place where innovation not only evolves, it thrives

Students walk through our halls feeling confident, secure, and empowered to channel their imagination to spark innovation. Utilizing our best-in-class faculty and the tools provided to them, Marlborough students continuously discover creative solutions to real-world issues, invent technology to support the needs of others, and even develop prototypes to bring their ideas to life. If a solution is not already in play, leave it to a Violet to figure it out. Our students’ uninhibited curiosity only further propels them forward, because they have the drive to be the change-makers of tomorrow. 

Do you remember how your drive and the resources available to you sparked your own innovative ideas while attending Marlborough? Take the leap with alums that came before you so that current students have the opportunity to take their ideas to the next level. Your support makes that possible. 

Video Transcript:

Image with text: Marlborough is a place where innovation thrives.

Lisa Tsou ’90: Hey guys 

Lori Akian Stephan ’90: Hi fellow alumnae 

Lisa Tsou ’90: I just judged the hackathon here at the CEI and it brought girls from across Los Angeles, different backgrounds, different schools together to work together and tackle problems that are facing all of us. 

Christina Kim ’92: Every time I come to the school I am impressed. I am impressed by the speakers, I am impressed by the programming. I am impressed by all of the amazing things that  our children have access to in this fantastic school. 

Lori Akian Stephan ’90: Marlborough has evolved in countless ways and I think the depth and breadth of opportunities and resources available to our students today is really extraordinary. 

Christina Kim ’92: When I see my daughters with their friends, and I see their messy hair and their messy uniforms and, most importantly, when I see those confident smiles and those sparkling eyes with curiosity and really, just, kindness I actually think to myself, “wow, the school hasn’t changed at all. The girls are exactly the same”.  

Lisa Tsou ’90: It’s encouraging girls to have can-do-it-ness and strength to do things that we all need going forward in our lives. 

Christina Kim ’92: this amazing school has found a way to evolve, improve, be current, be relevant, today while keeping that tradition, those values, that really set the school apart.  

Lori Akian Stephan ’90: Please join me in making a gift, in any amount, as it is always appreciated. 

Christina Kim ’92: I really hope you join me today in supporting this amazing place. 

Lori Akian Stephan ’90: Thanks!

Image with text: Imagine how your gift will elevate a current student’s unique Marlborough experience. Gift today.

649 days ago by Natalie Makous
How did Marlborough help you imagine all you could be?

When students begin their journey at Marlborough, the possibilities that lie ahead are endless. From receiving foundational skills in their core classes, to an array of electives, clubs, and sports, students are able to explore the many opportunities that make a Marlborough education so unique. Curiosities are sparked throughout the years thanks to guest speakers, advisories, class meetings, and peer-to-peer learning. By the end of their Marlborough journey, every student is encouraged to use their imagination, inspire change, discover their passions, and use their voice for the greater good.  

As an alum, when you look back and think about the class or the teacher who helped you pave your path forward, what and who comes to mind? Your unique experience was made possible because of those who came before you. Now it’s your turn. 

Your support of the Marlborough Fund on Giving Day (and beyond) ensures that the excellence of our academic programs, research opportunities, and extracurricular offerings can give every student a tailored experience: opening their eyes and minds to endless possibilities ahead. 

Video transcript: 

Image with text: How did Marlborough help you imagine all you could be?

Desiree Ann Sumilang ’93: I’m sitting here today in Hong Kong, China where I get to work with companies, governments, and individuals from such a diverse array of places and I believe I’m able to pursue this dream because of the mindset that Marlborough instilled in me.

Dolly Klock ’88: I was an only child born to immigrant parents, so Marlborough gave me a sense of extended family that I still carry with me to this day. 

Shellie Riley-Suchniak ’82:  I was able to come out of my shell from an early age. 

Gisele Roberts Wilson ’99: Drama at Marlborough is really first time that I remember being able to open up.

Carolyn Marounian Kassabian ’93: The strong support system allowed me to imagine I could make all my dreams come true. 

Desiree Ann Sumilang ’93: As the daughter to Philippine immigrants to the U.S., I was first generation point born in the United States. At Marlborough I was taught, that no matter who you are or where are you from, little girls can do anything and pursue their dreams anywhere in the world. 

Teresa Keith ’95: Marlborough gave me this opportunity to understand that you do not need to change your personality to find people that like you for who you are. 

Carolyn Marounian Kassabian ’93: By the end of my time at Marlborough, I knew I would pursue a career in medicine and it was all thanks to the support and confidence I got from my peers and teachers.  

Teresa Keith ’95: I found art and Miss Saks encouraged me to take AP Art and I eventually found a career in the arts! 

Gisele Roberts Wilson ’99: …and that is something that I credit back to Marlborough. 

Desiree Ann Sumilang ’93: …and I’m giving today because I want to support Marlborough in educating girls to continue to pursue these dreams and I encourage you to give as well today. 

Shellie Riley-Suchniak ’82: Regardless of my income I’ve always been a giver and it makes me feel that I’m giving back to the community that’s given me so much in terms of my identity and my strength. 

Image with text: Imagine how your gift will elevate a current student’s unique Marlborough experience. Gift today.

649 days ago by Natalie Makous
Giving Day is live!

When you talk to any fellow alum, what is always clear is how their Marlborough journey impacted the person they are today. Connecting your experiences then to our current students’ experiences now, three words came to mind: imagination, innovation, and impact. Though these words may conjure different meanings and interpretations for everyone, the sentiment remains the same: these are the words that represent the experiences of past, present, and future generations of Violets. 

Throughout Giving Day, you will hear directly from your peers: alums will share how Marlborough inspired their imaginations, supported their creative and innovative ways of thinking, and impacted their lives well beyond our walls. We will hear from alums who are now current parents experiencing Marlborough all over again through their child’s eyes: a transformative experience that is both exhilarating and humbling at once. 

So stay tuned for updates, celebrations of milestones, and so much more. We hope it stirs a bit of nostalgia and a lot of inspiration to get involved by participating in the excitement of Giving Day. Make your gift now to show the current and future students of Marlborough that you support their experience every step of the way! 

649 days ago by Natalie Makous

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