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The Marlborough Fund is our annual, community-wide fundraiser supporting all aspects of your daughter's Marlborough education and experience. Show us the love and help us reach our goal of 100% parent participation by February 14, 2024. 

Designate your gift to a giving opportunity (or two) that aligns with you and your family. 


Area of Greatest Need- Gifts to this fund are unrestricted and lend support to any area or initiative of the school. This enables Marlborough to respond to issues and opportunities as they arise.

Financial Aid- Building on the legacy of the Angel Fund, making a gift to Financial Aid helps to remove the financial burdens for qualified students. One in five students receives some level of financial aid, from tuition to supplies, uniforms, activities, trips and more.

Academics, Faculty, and Programs- Giving to this fund helps to recruit and retain the best teachers who develop inspiring and innovative programs and co-curricular offers. 

Athletics, Health, and Wellbeing- Help students excel in athletics and receive the emotional, social, and cognitive support they need to succeed.

Community Partnerships- Help bolster programs that help students better understand and contribute to solving the issues facing our city and planet.

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