Fire Service Gear and Training Fund

This campaign ended on February 26, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Mahindra United World College of India by clicking here!

Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) is our MUWCI student Triveni project that has been running for 22 years. We work to protect our campus and local biodiversity by fighting and prevent local brush fires!

As the scope of our firefighting work intensifies, we need your support to cover the costs of required gear and training to make sure we're adhering to most stringent safety guidelines set down by the school's Safety Committee.

Your support of this Fire Service Campaign will help cover:

  • Fire fighting training & Certifications - $420
  • Purchase of new gear
    • 30 Helmets - $350
    • 30 Fire-resistant Suits & Gas Masks - $700
    • 20 Camelbak Water Packs - $490
    • Portable Water Pumps - $500
    • Fire Resistant Cloth - $55
    • Shipping, taxes & Misc - $300

Why is Fire & Rescue Service needed at MUWCI?

FRS aims to prevent and extinguish brush fires that are often started accidentally through the local practices of slash-and-burn agriculture. This farming method has been used for centuries in the area, however, the fires sometimes spread to the surrounding hills and our campus biodiversity reserve. In addition to threatening biodiversity through the destruction of natural habitats, these fires produce as much carbon dioxide as 4000 cars driving non-stop for a year! As MUWCI FRS students, we prevent fires through engaging regularly in grass cutting, control burning and tree planting activities. We go through intense training for fighting fires too! Last year, our FRS team fought seven major fires!

Why is it important to support this campaign?

" FRS provides students with a context for beautiful and affirming adventures, as well as valuable lessons in dealing with failure, conflict, risk, perceived inadequacies, and stressors while maintaining the integrity of student agency. It is obviously a very challenging service project that progressively trains students for authentic autonomy and responsibility in high pressure situations with real consequences. Over two years in FRS most students develop and demonstrate very high levels of maturity, fortitude, collaboration, and good judgment because of this.
Educational institutions have come under pressure to eliminate the risks students face. I believe it is important for young people to learn to intelligently manage and face some risk, especially if they are to become agents for positive change. Within established tolerances, danger and discomfort should be engaged with and not shut-out entirely. As risk managers, it is our responsibility to establish and communicate these tolerances and train students accordingly. The fundraising initiative aims to improve FRS safety equipment so that FRS can continue to operate and meet, without any question, the established safety tolerances of accredited international schools."

- Arvin Singh Uzunov-Dang, former Head of Experiential Education at UWC Mahindra College

Why are MUWCI students fundraising for Triveni programmes? 

A note from the college's Office of Advancement - MUWCI's Give Campus campaigns are supported by the college but driven by the students. All donations go directly to the student project via the Student Fund. There's immense learning when students take ownership of all aspects of their experiential learning projects, where budgeting, planning and campaigning helps builds important entrepreneurial and fundraising skills . These fundraisers also help the college cultivate an awareness of the philanthropy that sustains MUWCI, while giving our alumni, parents and friends opportunities to support a wide variety of causes that are close to their hearts! Please shoot any questions to us at 



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