MUM QUESTS: Creating School Spirit

This campaign ended on August 07, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Maharishi University of Management by clicking here!

Amplifying MUM's unique school spirit: The MUM Cup Tournament:

Giving MUM students immersive real life adventures

We believe in wonder, joy, excitement and fun. We're a team of skilled dreamers and we've created imaginative story lines, innovative games and challenging contests to enhance community spirit at MUM.

We are MUM students who love this school dearly and have an idea. Many universities have banners waving, fans cheering, merchandise-clad-alumni proudly saying “yes, I was a Hawkeye/Wildcat/Bulldog.” Their enthusiastic school spirit comes from sports, fraternities, sororities and other activities that rally students behind a shared cause or interest. 

At MUM we want to develop teams that work together in real-life quests fall, winter and year-end. Teams will gain points in these quests where the winner will be the team with the most points at the end of the year. The winner earns the newly minted MUM Cup. Their trophy, with their team’s banners and colors, will be displayed in the student lounge over the next year for all to see.

Proof of concept:

On Field Day, Spring 2017 we produced a live-action adventure where students had actual roles. MUM students loved The Hero’s Quest so much that the university Student Life Department asked us to create three additional productions. We want to create powerful experiences that strengthen MUM's unique culture.

Last year:

  • EEG Transcending Challenge
  • Hip Hop Dance Mirror
  • Da Vinci Backwards writing tablet
  • Hidden Cathedral Acapella Soundscape
  • Canoe, Rock Climbing, and more

This year:

  • Two full-time showrunners Chris Grace and Haley Spitzfaden
  • David Lynch Master in Film program film director & video editor
  • Film equipment & recording studio
  • Professional voice actor
  • Acting cameo from Surprise Guest
  • Professional bagpipe player
  • Professional Flautist
  • Celtic language consultant
  • Game play consultant
  • Resources and supplies from MUM Student Government
  • Financial contributions from MUM Student Life & MUM Student Activities

What we need:

Additional funding to build IQ challenges and adventures, hardware for engineering puzzles and supplies for group art collaborations: Total Needed for Fall Quest: $4,000. Deadline August 1, 2017 GOAL 1 ACHIEVED


The first $4,000 donated will build IQ challenges and adventures, chemistry-based experiences of , hardware for engineering puzzles, supplies for group art collaborations, an additional $4,000 will cover professional wages for world-class musicians, metal-smiths, woodworkers, dancers, and research and game design consultants

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