Likusasa: What's Next?

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Likusasa: What's Next?
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Created by: Stella Ikuzwe ‘20, Peresian Melisa Letayian ‘20, Ny Ony Razafindrabe ‘20, Nana Amoah ‘21, Precious Dlamini ‘21 Project

During Macalester Entrepreneurship’s Macathon competition, we found shared personal experiences and struggles concerning life after high school, which led to the creation of our project named: Likusasa: What’s Next?. This is a program designed to help high school students explore their interests and pathways so they can increase their chances of success either through higher education, vocational training or entrepreneurship. The program will also provide students with resources such as guidance when completing university applications, information about scholarship opportunities and about funding for lucrative business ideas. 

We will run a one week workshop ( January 5th-11th) at Hlutse high school, a school located in the rural area of Siphofaneni in the Kingdom of Eswatini. The learnings from this pilot workshop will help us build a template for our larger vision of a ten week curriculum program that will run annually. With this workshop, we hope to help students learn about the possible opportunities available to them upon graduation. It is structured to engage and encourage students to explore their interests and think about how they can develop them into future pathways. For the one week program, we have a budget of $2000 to meet travelling costs (flight tickets), running costs and acquire required materials. For our ten week program, we have a budget of $13000 per year which will be used to cover salaries for two full-time trained mentors, operating expenses, research and stationery. What makes our project special is that we want to give this opportunity to every interested student, not only just high achieving students. 

With about less than 10% of high school graduates pursuing higher education, and only about 50% of them graduating nationally, we are particularly excited about this project. First, because of the prospect of giving high school students the opportunity to explore their various interests, but also to encourage them to pursue higher education or venture into business, thereby helping them achieve their full potential.



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