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Created by: Zach Jordan '20 and Liam Magistad '20

Founded in 2016, Easy EMDR has been a leader in the field of digital mental health tools. We have seen the healing power of EMDR therapy firsthand and do everything we can to put it in the hands of talented mental health professionals. Co-founder Zachary Jordan first began developing the tool after doing several sessions of EMDR therapy with his therapist. He realized that the current selection of EMDR tools were prohibitively expensive and woefully inadequate at meeting a wide range of client needs. Easy EMDR has committed itself to ensuring everyone is able to get the mental health treatment they deserve. 

Since then, we have completely revamped our toolkit, offering a more versatile EMDR application for therapists to use with their clients. But we’re not done yet. We believe that the future of digital mental health tools is bright, and have big plans for how we can innovate in this space going forward. So what’s next? Teletherapy. The next generation of our tool will allow therapists to connect with clients anywhere they are licensed to practice. This will radically change who has access to high quality EMDR therapy and other digital tools.

Thank you! Easy EMDR has been fully funded!

Hello Macalester Entrepreneurship & Innovation supporters,

We are delighted to announce that Easy EMDR has been fully funded! Thank you for supporting the team and their vision to put the power of EMDR therapy into the hands of talented mental health professionals. Not only is this a great moment for Easy EMDR, but also an exciting benchmark in Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s first ever crowdfunding campaign. We appreciate your partnership in empowering students to gain the skills and experience needed to harness the market and other systems to make change. 

Thank you again and we look forward to keeping you in the loop as Easy EMDR works on their project!


Kate Ryan Reiling ‘00
Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

1432 days ago by Eva Timmons

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