LFSF Annual Fund 2022-2023

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You believe in your child's school, participate in the Annual Fund and show it!

The Annual Fund helps the LFSF enrich school programs and student experiences. Our multilingual and multicultural learning environment allows our children to thrive now and for a lifetime. The Annual Fund is the bedrock of all independent school fundraising.

Exciting News!

117 days ago by Sophia
LFSF phone-a-thon is in high gear!

LFSF students are making their phone calls for Giving Tuesday!

118 days ago by Nathalie Hautavoine
Giving Tuesday Update at Noon

At noon today, we have just past the $40K threshold. Let's keep the momentum going! 

118 days ago by Nathalie Hautavoine

Donor Map
Grade Participation
Grade LevelDonorsRaised ($)Goal ($)%
ASH 1st/CP18$8,9321739151.4%
ASH 5th CM226$17,1291739198.5%
ASH 2nd/CE119$18,38217391105.7%
ORT 10th/2nde18$12,0401739169.2%
SAU Grande Section5$2,4001739113.8%
ORT 7th/5eme27$24,37517391140.2%
SAU Petite & Moyenne Section13$9,2251739153.0%
ASH 3rd/CE211$4,9671739128.6%
ASH Moyenne Section19$12,7471739173.3%
SAU Petite Ecole11$9,3251739153.6%
ORT 8th/4eme17$3,7331739121.5%
ASH Grande Section39$23,93217391137.6%
SAU 5th/CM27$2,0751739111.9%
SAU 3rd/CE28$2,9451739116.9%
ASH 4th/CM112$4,8531739127.9%
SAU 4th/CM14$2,6101739115.0%
SAU 1st/CP7$1,8601739110.7%
ORT 12th/Terminale9$5,7551739133.1%
ORT 11th/1ere14$7,9791739145.9%
ASH Petite Section19$4,0771739123.4%
ORT 9th/3eme16$9,6451739155.5%
SAU 2nd/CE12$5,2501739130.2%
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generated 22 clicks
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