2016 Lancer Giving Madness

By Amy Harris

This campaign ended on March 20, 2016, but you can still make a gift to Longwood University by clicking here!

The madness of March isn't reserved solely for the hardwood. Once again this March, the Lancer Club will launch Lancer Giving Madness, a one-week, online giving challenge between Longwood's 14 varsity sports and the cheerleading squad. The goal is to encourage greater cultivation of financial supporters of Longwood athletics through a crowdfunding effort with gifts targeted to a specific team. 

What is Lancer Giving Madness? A one-week giving challenge amongst Longwood's athletic programs to cultivate the most $5 or greater donations. 

How Does Lancer Giving Madness Work?Teams compete based on participation, not on total dollar amount raised. Matching prizes are available for teams who meet specific benchmarks or win various contests, including most donations and greatest alumni participation. Each team keeps what they raise for their operating budget. 

How Do I Give?Visit www.longwoodlancers.com/LGM between 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 13 and 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 20. Select a team from the gift designation dropdown menu and complete the necessary contact and credit card information. Donors may make gifts to multiple teams, but only one gift per team will count towards that team's total. 

Matching Gift Prizes(Prizes based on participation, not total amount raised)

1st Place โ€“ Most Donations - $2,500

2nd Place โ€“ Most Donations - $1,250

3rd Place โ€“ Most Donations - $750

Team Benchmarks - $300/team

  • M/W Golf, M/W Tennis, M/W XC, Cheerleading must achieve 25 donations.
  • M/W Basketball, M/W Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse must achieve 40 donations.

Small Roster, BIG Effort (Roster Size 10 or less with most donations) - $500

Only M/W Golf, M/W XC, M/W Tennis are eligible for this prize

Most Alumni Participation (%) - $300Lancer Club Facebook Page Post Matching Gift - $100First Gift Made on Sunday, March 13th - $100 That's $10,000 in matching gift incentives for programs to cultivate new donors and raise additional funds for their program!



Lancer Giving Madness Leaderboard

Softball 323$4,640
Women's Field Hockey 265$4,797
Women's Soccer 219$4,266
Men's Basketball 138$1,100
Men's Golf 68$1,585
Cheerleading 59$1,302
Men's Soccer 58$1,610
Women's Golf 45$3,430
Men's Tennis 33$740
Baseball 29$1,320
Women's Lacrosse 14$430
Women's Basketball 9$260
Women's Tennis 7$2,100
Women's Cross Country 4$105
Men's Cross Country 3$35

Donor list

Jackie Stevens
Cooper Perdue
Lauren Herold
Louis T. Magee
Nelson Murphy
Aiden Turner
Chaney Manganello
Kimberly Hedrick
Dominique Allen
Nico Carlozzi
Kerri Cobb
Sam Carlozzi
Max Carlozzi
Evan Fowler
Mark Ward
Eboni Lee photoEboni Lee
Vaughn Fowler
Tamara Calloway
Kate Russellton
amanda spencer
Heather Turner
Kenneth J Belton Jr
Anna Rigg
Blake Turner
Carolyn Helm
Brenna Kinzel
Rein Pajunurm
Katrin Pajunurm
Barbara Gaiter
Connie Hemler
Mikaela O'Brien
Mark and Brenda Kirby

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