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This campaign ended on December 27, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Lincoln Memorial University by clicking here!

Around the time that Lincoln Memorial University started renovating Knoxville’s Old City Hall in 2008, a feathered friend moved in as well. Named Mary Todd by LMU’s first law students, the feral peahen became the unofficial mascot of LMU Duncan School of Law. For much of her life at LMU Law she has come and gone as she pleased, flying to the roof, strutting around the grounds, but spending much of her time in a small courtyard outside that can be viewed on the second floor. LMU students and staff have fed her and provided cover with a small house.

In July, our beloved Mary Todd suffered serious injury in an attack by a predator. Her injuries included a deep wound down her back and damage to the muscle near her wing, which will likely prevent her from ever flying again. Following emergency treatment and surgery at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center and continued care at LMU’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Mary Todd has returned to LMU Law.

To keep Mary Todd safe, LMU Law will be working with experts from the Knoxville Zoo to construct a permanent enclosure. The enclosure will keep predators out and feature perches to keep Mary Todd active and entertained. Join us in supporting Mary Todd with a gift today. Gifts will be used to cover ongoing medical care, construction and food for Mary Todd.



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