Lincoln College Kitchen Fund

This campaign ended on July 29, 2017, but you can still make a gift to Lincoln College by clicking here!
Eating at Lincoln is not just about getting nutrition. Hall is the foundation of our college community: a snug place to warm up after an early morning rowing outing; a social place to recharge our batteries over lunch between library time or lab experiments; a historical place to dine and debate, surrounded by candles and plentiful custard! The staff are welcoming, the food is good and the medieval setting is beautiful, inspiring, and the heart of the College. - Jess Milligan, MCR Food Rep

Lincoln has one of the oldest working medieval kitchens in the UK.  It is a lovely place to work but can be costly when items need replacing or renovations need to be made.  Much of the equipment that was replaced 16 years ago will need replacing soon. We also need a new oven that will need to be especially designed to fit the medieval space. The following are some of the most pressing needs: two fish fridges, a grill and oven and a (not very glamorous but essential) utensil steriliser. Chef is very conscientious of the costs these items have on the College and fixes the equipment when he can but there are several items that may not last much longer. If 100 people make a gift of £25 then we will be able to purchase a new fish fridge. If 120 people give £10 each then we will cover the costs of a new stock pot burner. Many Lincoln students and alumni say one of the reasons they chose Lincoln is because of its reputation for great food. By giving to the Kitchen Fund you can help ensure the Chef and his team are able to continue this tradition of excellence.

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Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2016 7£190
2015 2£60
2014 4£80
2013 8£184
2012 4£95
2011 3£50
2010 3£120
2009 1£10
2008 1£10
2007 1£20
2006 3£61
2005 1£20
2004 1£20
2003 3£60
2002 1£10
2000 1£25
1999 3£531
1998 4£180
1997 7£288
1996 3£50
1995 6£1,668
1994 3£320
1993 3£1,065
1992 1£20
1990 1£20
1989 3£620
1988 3£1,150
1987 3£150
1986 2£100
1984 6£395
1983 2£200
1982 6£3,460
1981 3£200
1980 1£25
1978 3£220
1977 1£100
1976 2£1,060
1975 1£50
1974 1£25
1971 1£200
1970 2£75
1967 2£1,500
1964 1£50
1963 1£20

Donor affiliations

92% Alumni

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7% Parents

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Donor list
Changyong Li
Victoria Nye
Gillian Austen
Scott Bader
Richard Thompson
Jazz Bhamra
Jon robertson and Katherine hannah
Hubert Eiholzer
James Ivins
Catherine G Cripps
J Lindsay Wagstaff
Dagmar Astrid Möller
Jim knox
Ian Arstall
Martin JD Burke
A Rowles
Harvey Knight
Simon Oxley
Diana Carr
Kristina Eng
Sue Sharples
Dinah and Gordon Jayson
john brewerJohn Brewer photo
Graham Chandler
Neil Grainger
John Rux-Burton
Jonathan Sheldon
Michael StolzMichael Stolz photo
Richard Jennings
Jennifer Lee
Jerome Niklas Temme
Judith Albanie
Ian Hudson
Judith ClarkJudith Clark photo

John Rux-Burton matched £100
Jane Jenkins photoJane Jenkins matched £500
Jane Mitchell photoLynn Shepherd matched £540
Jane Jenkins photoJane Jenkins matched £750
Matthew Vaight photoMatthew Vaight matched £1,000
Richard Hardie photoRichard Hardie matched £1,000
Spencer Fleischer photoSpencer Fleischer matched £960
Jane Jenkins photoJane Jenkins matched £1,250

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You will receive Chef's favorite menu (including recipes) along with a wine pairing. You will also receive 50% off a bottle of Lincoln Port.


You will receive Chef's recipe for a chocolate tart with Cointreau cream.


None Left!

You will receive Chef's Christmas pudding for free. (Collect from the College)

DONATE $1,000

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All donors making a gift of at least £1000 will receive an invitation to a dinner with the Rector at High Table. Chef will create a special meal for the evening.