The Lincoln Fund 2017/2018

This campaign ends on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT

The Lincoln Fund is for everyone who cares about LA.  Our community includes alumni, parents, grandparents, friends, and community members from Maine's midcoast and over 20 different countries.

The Lincoln Fund helps support:

  • A curriculum that serves a wide range of student needs, abilities, and aspirations
  • Constantly changing innovative programs in computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship taught in the new ATEC building
  • Clubs, teams, and activities that develop skills and interests and provide experience working as part of a team
  • Small classes taught by dedicated and skilled teachers who care about individual student needs and individualized programs that expand the curriculum to meet each student’s needs
  • 26 athletic teams with 30 percent of the student body participating in at least one team
  • Transportation to events, competitions and state treasured resources that engage our students in a greater level intellectual and athletic challenges
  • 35 clubs that provide leadership and teaching moments
  • 25% of the student body who take a least one AP course
  • 7.65% of the student body who attend vocational training courses
  • 90% of our food made from scratch each day, with a focus on local sourcing and sustainability which feeds our student’s bodies and minds
  • Materials and access to additional avenues of learning for students in need of special and alternative education

What amount is the right amount?

  • The right amount is what works for the donor; ALL gifts make a difference
  • Gifts that come in once a year or twice a year are terrific
  • Monthly (or recurring) giving is especially effective and welcomed; one annual gift can be a challenge, but a smaller amount once a month can add up quickly  (ex.: one gift of $50 might be tough, but $5 a month might not even be noticed and will add up to a $60 gift
Donor affiliations

72% Alumni

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1% Students

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3% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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14% Friends

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Donor list
Matt and Karen Filler
Jared R Schott
Kathy and Kim May
Seth and Cindy Blodgett
Neera Harmon
May Helena Plumb
Lindsay Dinsmore
Dan and Katie Michael
Allison Eckel, Chris Bond, Andrea and Alexander Gutierrez
Sandra Perrini
Sondra K. Zahler
Karol & Natalia Clark
Sally S. Beaudette
David and Teresa Fogel
Kimberley A. Wright
Martha K Lynch
Heather Stone
Allie Morgner
Andrea Vassallo & Isaac Russell
Katy and Dave Yeatts
Alyssa Shea & Michael O'Brien
Mary Ellen Cafiso
Dan Carlsson
Linda BrunnerLinda Brunner photo
Christine Ann Wajer
Sarah Farrell
Andrew Mortimer
Kate mortimer
Jadon mortimer
Katelyn Prior
Jerry the Junior Giraffe
Sophie the Sophomore Cow
Richard prentice
Irma prentice
Sarah Prior
Bonny merchant
Ryder Hannan
Taylor oliver
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