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Founded in 2008, Lehigh University's United Nations Youth Representative Program provides Lehigh students with opportunities to engage in research, advocacy, and experiential learning initiatives at the largest global forum - the United Nations. This student centered engagement became the world’s first United Nations Youth Representative Program.

Lehigh students support the work of NGOs on six continents and focus on a wide range of issues, including environmental sustainability, gender equality and justice, LGBT+ rights, global health, international peace, and many more. They serve as the NGOs’ voice at the United Nations.

The mission of the program is to enable Youth Representatives to meet with global decision makers, participate in international conferences, and moderate briefings broadcast worldwide. Our Youth Representatives speak on the floor of the General Assembly and other UN venues, and advocate on a variety of platforms related to the NGO’s agenda at the United Nations.

The inaugural issue of the LU/UN Youth Representative Journal will contain articles by LU/UN Youth Representatives - Lehigh students - who will highlight the remarkable efforts of their affiliated NGOs. Through this journal, we aim to raise awareness about the impactful work being carried out by these young advocates. It's important to note that the students themselves are contributing to positive change by collaborating with these NGOs.

Our primary fundraising goals are to secure the necessary funds to design and print 300 copies of the journal. Additionally, we aim to distribute the journal to our NGO colleagues worldwide and present it to the United Nations Departments of Global Communications and ECOSOC.

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