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The Lehigh Aerospace Club is a student-run aerospace engineering group. Members of the club meet three times a week to design, manufacture, and test RC aircraft. The mission of the Aerospace Club is to foster interest in the aerospace industry and to provide hands-on experiences in all aspects of engineering and project management outside of the classroom. Students who enter our team come from different backgrounds of knowledge, ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Computer Science, combining our skills for a common goal: teach, learn & grow. 

 Our team is currently preparing to go participate in the AIAA (Design, Build, & Fly) competition in Wichita, KS. The competition provides a gateway for school teams worldwide to build  a remote-controlled aircraft to perform required missions. This event will show our achievements and growth of what we tested throughout the year and provide us with the resources we need to expand our knowledge to become a full fledged engineering club. 

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