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The Women’s Wrestling Club is a diverse community of women of all skill levels, united by our passion for wrestling. Guided by a certified coach, we strive to enhance our individual skills, foster strong camaraderie, and promote the growth of women's wrestling. Our commitment to a healthy environment of exercise and hard work allows our members to discover the transformative power of wrestling. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to experience the empowerment and fellowship that our sport brings to our community. In addition, we are dedicated to setting a high standard for women's wrestling programs. We aspire to be a program that high schoolers dream of joining, and we aim to serve as an example of how to conduct a successful collegiate women’s wrestling program. Our club conducts two weekly practice sessions along with weekly weightlifting and offers members the chance to participate in skill-appropriate tournaments and dual meets, ensuring that every member can pursue their wrestling journey to its fullest potential. Join us in our mission to embrace the strength, unity, and empowerment that women's wrestling offers while setting a benchmark for excellence in the sport.

The mission of our project is to grow Lehigh women’s wrestling by gaining financial support in order to pay for certified coaching to enhance the personal skills of all our members. By seeking funding for attendance to tournaments, Lehigh women of all skill levels can work to achieve their highest athletic potential, alongside getting the chance to connect with members within the broader women’s wrestling community. We also want to host a couple campus events for recruitment purposes and to make people aware of women’s wrestling. 

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