Lehigh Aerial Swarms Club (LASC)

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The Lehigh Aerial Swarms Club (LASC) is unwavering in our commitment to advance the field of aerial robotics through innovation and education. It serves as a vibrant hub for Lehigh University students who share a deep passion for engineering aerial robots. Our primary mission is to foster a dynamic and collaborative environment that empowers students to fully immerse themselves in, comprehend, and actively contribute to the rapidly evolving realm of aerial swarms. We welcome individuals from diverse academic backgrounds, fostering an educational atmosphere that seamlessly blends theoretical learning with hands-on experiences.

As part of our dedication to advancing this field, we are actively pursuing fundraising. These funds will support our research and development projects, participation in upcoming competitions, acquisition of vital equipment and technology, and the establishment of educational programs that will benefit both our members and the broader community. Your contributions will enable us to organize workshops, seminars,
and outreach programs designed to engage students and enthusiasts, thereby deepening their understanding of unmanned aerial systems and their versatile applications. Together, we can have a profound impact on the future of aerial robotics and continue to nurture a dynamic and innovative community of learners and creators.

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