LVC Student Emergency Fund

This campaign ended on June 30, 2021, but you can still make a gift to Lebanon Valley College by clicking here!

Lebanon Valley College always helps our students to navigate new challenges.

COVID-19 has challenged our students to learn in new ways—away from the community and campus they love. This spring, students struggled to access technology, stay in shape, and maintain support networks remotely while working toward completion of courses and degrees. In the coming year, many students will apply for additional financial aid due to loss of family income.

We are humbled by the support shown by alumni and friends who have asked, “How can I help?”

Please consider making a gift to our Student Emergency Fund, which meets LVC students at the point of greatest need. Your gift to the student emergency fund may also qualify donors for temporary charitable giving incentives included in the CARES ACT federal relief package.

The Breen Center for Graduate Success continues to support students with career readiness in a virtual format. If you can assist with job leads for the Class of 2020 or internship opportunities for current students, please contact

Click here for the latest information about LVC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for positioning LVC—and especially our students—for a strong comeback.




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58% Alumni

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2% Students

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9% Parents

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14% Faculty/Staff

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7% Friends

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Donor list

Rachel Galloway
Nicole Castagna & Steve Castagna
Wendy K Ulmer
Mark Lloyd
Kirsten Wenger & Adam Wenger
Corby Myers
Marla Scacchitti
Lori Noble
Carol Richter
Kelly Carney
Julia M Mitchell
Elaine Norcross
Kyle Sylvester
Rachel Moore
Terri Pennington & Joseph Pennington
Jeremy Wilson & Rayna Schell Wilson
Cynthia Scharr
Anne Kim
Maria Scacchitti
Ed Wirth & Anne Wirth
Danielle K Serratore
Karen Kongsmai
Shawn Strange
John J McNamara
Becky Shank
Dennis E Ross III & Jenelle Ross
Jenelle Ross & Dennis Ross
Kelly Bucy
Renee Norris
Spencer J. Dech & Alysia Chaves
James B. Wiest
Michelle Stone photoMichelle Stone
Ashley Smith

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